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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Noisy FWB

Its just a quick one. My MOT tester didn't fail my nearside front WB as there is no free play but mentioned that it was beginning to make a slight noise. I couldn't hear it today on my 15 mile trip but I have heard it faintly before.

I intend checking the torque as I have had it apart in the summer however is there any mileage in packing it with grease? If so should I use a particular type? and is there anything else I should check or maybe check while I am on?

Thanks in advance, Dave
Dave Squire 1500

"however is there any mileage in packing it with grease?"

You say you had it apart in the summer. Wasn't there any grease in it?
Lawrence Slater

There was Lawrence, the usual what looked like original factory type and amount. As no probs with bearing at the time I just reassembled. All seemed fine at the time. There is no play in it just the beginnings of a whimper.
Dave Squire 1500

I always add quite a lot more grease to bearings on installation. You can often work quite a bit around the balls while rotating the outer race, and I heap a bit up on either side too.
David Smith

An MG that only makes a 'slight noise', well thats got to be a rare thing lol
brian s

Yes - Brian. And it has took me 12 months to get it to make an 'appropriate' type of noise. (apart from the worn tensioner now). It was just rough until recently. :-)

So its a pack it and see. No probs.
Dave Squire 1500

For the last three MOT's my garage has always passed my midget, they are a well respected(by me)garage, always take care testing the bits that matter and give me advice on what might need looking at for the following year, welcome advice and I always have the car sorted ready for the test the following year. However, for the last three years they have mentioned quietly after the test, "I'd replace the o/s front wheel bearing if I were you, it's a bit noisy", this year he was about to say, but then said you know what I'm going to say :-)
Dave Warren

Why do they care if it's noisey? If it spins freely, and doesn't have any play, why is it an MOT issue? Maybe if they knew what we know, about the scarcity of the correct fwbs, they might understand why a bit of noise, is no noise at all.
Lawrence Slater

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