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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Noisy wiper motor

Its mot time end of month and my wipers make a bit of a squeal noise from time to time. Started yesterday on way back from holiday. Drive shaft located aok, wipers work at the moment, any pointers appreciated.
Dave Squire

Dave is the squeal from the wiper elements (rubber of the blades) against the windscreen or from the wiper motor - or passenger or elsewhere?

Them just making a noise won't directly effect the MoT but might lead to closer inspection than you want with the less than brilliant effectiveness of the wiper blades.

If noise is from wiper blades try cut polishing your glass and rubber elements - and then also applying Rain-X or equivalent to help the washer fluid to run off for washer/wiper test of MoT.

Rain-X or equivalent also helps to keep the glass easier to clean (and headlights glass and sidelights glass on A-series).

I very recently bought a new set of wiper blades, one isn't too bad the other poor, I had to swap the better one to the driver's side to be safe, every year I'm surprised the wiper blades pass the MoT but they do.

Thinking about it if I've kept the previous worn ones (a year old) one of those would be better than the poor new one.

If you look in the Archives you'll see the saga of wiper arms and blades.

Nigel Atkins

It's not the blades, it's the mechanism or motor. All sealed up tight. Never been disturbed by the look of it; hence asking before I dive in.
Dave Squire

It could be the motor stressing under excess load if the grease in the spriral wire rack tube has dried out. Or it may be the gear drive under the cover plate. I would just remove he latter cover plate - held with 6 or 8 small hex headed screws I think - and take a looksee. Probably just needs fresh lube.

There was a recent(?) thread or posts on exactly this, Guy contributed then too along with others.

Repeating an idea, if you take the spiral wiper rack out you could also turn the wheel boxes around 180 degrees to get fresh wear out of them (unless it's already been done).

Take photos or careful notes of how everything is set up (when wipers are in parked position) before you remove anything (especially if you have serve man-flu coming on) or you might end up wiping your bonnet (guess how I know).

Threads in archives cover the subject, here's a photo I lifted for one of the threads -

Nigel Atkins

ETA: If you have to replace the gear and arm get the 115? degree instead of usual 110 as it sweeps just that little bit more which better overlaps in the middle of the screen and a little lower on the passenger side - another idea I got from Guy I think, but too late in my case.
Nigel Atkins

I stripped my wipers yesterday, as they were slow and had lost some travel. Seems the first part of the guide tube is fractured (previously repaired and has failed again) and one wheelbox is very stiff.


Sigh, my "good used" wheelbox arrived in the post while I was away on a business trip. Apart from the fact that it's almost as stiff as the original, it seems to be a different type. It has a round disc on the back of the gear, and deeper channels for the rack.

I gave the supplier a description of my car ('71 SWA), so were there variations? Are they interchangeable?


David Smith

So I was Ill, and it was a rush to the MoT, so nothing done to wipers. Wipers passed aok, pity about the nearside front wheel bearing though!

Parts ordered, other side done OK in the summer so just a repeat. Will be back on the road Monday / Tuesday.

Must remember about the wipers in case they fail in the rain.

Cheers guys,
Dave Squire

Hi David - thanks for the link. So there were two types, but Moss show the changeover as GAN4 and my car is GAN5.

Mine has 72789A on the back which the internet says is equivalent to the later 37H7738 as per the Moss catalogue.

So conclusion, I've been sent the wrong bit and I will take it up with the seller.

With minor parts like this there was often an overlap between the equipment on model changes. They simply used up available stocks of parts, using whatever was 'to hand' until the parts bin emptied or deliveries of the supply of old parts dried up.

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