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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - OBP & Performance Braking master cylinders?


Anyone got any experience of please of alternative manufacturers for Girling type integral and remote single line master cylinders?

I am planning installing my Sebring Sprite type twin single master cylinder pedalbox in my MkII Sprite and am looking to source a 7/8" master cylinder for my clutch (948cc engine, smoothcase gearbox). Pedalbox pic:

The 3/4" genuine Girling master cylinder with an integral small reservoir is widely available, but a 7/8" master cylinder seems not available.

The closest I have found is an 'Performance Braking' remote master cylinder ( to which I could add the following reservoir: Or an OBP master cylinder with an integral reservoir:

Anyone heard of either of these manufacturers - 'OBP' or 'Performance Braking';

If so, what's the quality like please and availability of seal kits?

As an alternative I could get a Lucas (TRW?) version of the remote master cylinder for a Big Healey (AH part number: 12H4717) which I think is 7/8" bore for the BN7 & BN8 servo brake models, e.g. from Leacey: but would prefer better quality (might try Powertrack Brakes for AP Caparo, but can't find a ref for a Girling part number for a Big Healey in my old AP Caparo classic catalogue).

Alan - I understand that you used Wilwood reservoirs on your Sebring Sprite- what's the quality like?

A bit rambling!


M Wood

Retro Ford stock them
I've had .625-.7-.75 off them
They're just under 25(pounds)and good quality
Haven't had any issues at all
You'd have to contact them to check if they have .875"
They have hoses and fittings and reservoirs as well- you can get 3 seperate bottles or they have a nice neat square bottle with 3 outlets -easier to mount neatly as well
Put the pressure on the young bloke on the phone though ,to really check what they have, He's a good fella ,but lets say a bit over enthusiastic and happy to say yes--If you can, get Dave to the phone ----switched on and really knows his stuff-
Really quick service
I've been helping a friend build a replica rally R/S 1800 Escort and stuff usually gets here in 3-4 days-------1/2 a world, away and it's always exactly what he said it was going to be or better

William Revit

I have a Wilwood Clutch master cylinder, from Rally Design, on my Sebring Rep. Works O.K.

Alan Anstead


That midget looks splendid. I do like the colour and the bonnet shape - a mini 250 GTO! Attached is mine. Similar I suppose, but my bonnet shutlines are not as they ought to be. I take it yours is also GRP. Any tips much appreciated. I have fiddles around somewhat since the picture was taken with a slight improvement, but the gaps still annoy me.....



Bonnet and top are GRP. Shut lines are probably improved by the angle of the picture.
Your car looks superb -just enjoy it.
Alan Anstead

Thanks as ever for the helpful advice.

I bought an 0.875 OBP integral master cylinder from Peter LLoyd Rallying.

M Wood

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