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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Oil leak Midget 1500

Ok so I've had my midget for six years now, mainly used in summer and been laid up for last year.
Did the head gasket last week, new water pump, oil etc.
last night driving home i had an oil press. reading of 60 then 40 and eventually 0 when it cut out at lights wouldnt start again ,had been blowing oily smoke from under the drivers wing according to the car behind! on checking the car oil was dripping onto ekhaust and appears to have been running down the chassis almost as if from the front of engine or dip stick?
dip stick at cold this morning was reading halfway between min and max. anybody help? have had no serious engine issues with my car since I bought but worried now :(

N S Hinton

Any suggestion of oil in the coolant? i.e. any "mayonnaise" under the cap. Similarly check under the oil filler cap.

Guy Weller

As Guy suggested, check the oil for coolant. I have had a similar sort of thing with with my car also. Oil pushing up out of the dipstick and getting blown back onto the exhaust. You could be getting some blow-by or have some bad valve guides allowing ehaust gases to pressurize the crankcase. Plug the pcv hose going to the valve cover and start the engine. Check for pressure and/or smoke coming out of the valve cover breather. I haven't tracked down the issue with my car yet, but I'm leaning toward valve guides since it starts well and has always had good leakdown numbers.
Tim Michnay

Make sure the breather/pcv valve is working, a pressurized crankcase can cause very similar problems.
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

well the head gasket was replaced just last week and has gone again, have had it pressure tested today :( thanks for all your suggestions tho, will definitely be back on here next time i have a problem :)
N S Hinton

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