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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Oil pressure dual gauge

Hello all,
I have a 1979 midget which only has a basic water temp gauge, no oil pressure. I am thinking that it would be a good idea to get one of the dual gauges which show water temp and oil pressure but don't know which to get - there seems to be multiple choices. Is there a preference/recommendation? I'm guessing stick to Smiths and would probably prefer one with temp in degrees Celsius.
The current water temp gauge only ever seems to move a small amount (within minutes of start-up) and then stays there, doesn't rise any further even after a hundred miles non-stop. Does that sound right or possibly faulty?
If I get a new dual gauge, what else will I need to fit it? Sensors, etc
And, where's the best place to get one? I see Moss have a 15% off sale, and I have bought from them before.
S Travis

Sounds like your temp gauge might be faulty... but first check its operation by placing bulb in a pan of boiling qater.

One word of wqarning: without an oil pressure gauge, the oil pressure is not a worry; with one, you'll have one eye on the gauge most the time, like the rest of us!!

Anthony Cutler

isn't the temp gauge on the 1500 an electric one?

In any case, what Anthony said: put the sender (still connected to the gauge) in some boiling water (with a thermometer) and you can evaluate your current temperature gauge's performance.

I looked before, but was not able to find a Smiths dual gauge that was electric. Maybe there are other makers who do have an electric dual gauge, What the person at Smiths told me was that the mechanism for a mechanical gauge is much smaller than an electric one, so they thought it wasn't possible to make it any other way...

In any case, any kind of gauge can be attached to any kind of engine, you just need the right fittings to match up its sender to the hole diameter & thread on your engine. Maybe someone who knows those dimensions on a 1500 will post them so you can get the right ones.

Norm Kerr

I just bought a new combo guage from Mech Spec MG

It's a new Smiths, looks exactly like the original fits and functions well.

Phil Burke

is that for a late model 1500? If so, what else did you need to buy and install to fit and get working?
It shows my ignorance that I didn't even realise that there was a change to electric! Anyway, if I wanted something like Moss part number BHA4764, how much modification would be required to fit this into my vehicle and get working?
S Travis

The guage I bought is correct for a '72 with a 1275. I'm sure it could be made to fit a 1500 though
Phil Burke

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