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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - One for DaveO (and/or others)

would you perhaps have a photo from your previous very original midget that would show how the dash mounting stay brackets are fitted please.

I'm mainly interested in how they fit to the body of the car as I can't see how it's done on mine. There are holes in the dash that seem to marry up with the larger holes in the stay brackets which I assume fit with screws, washers and nuts.

My car has a later (RWA) Heritage shell so I wonder if it's something to do with that or perhaps another fitting goes on the body end of the stay bracket(?).

Nigel Atkins

I rebuilt mine into a Heritage shell, the brackets were on the original and I have only fitted one to the left of the Tacho - the other one was below the choke cable.
I've got plastic tape on mine as I'm always a bit concerned over wire chaffing (dont ask why !)

Couple of pics I hope will assist.


richard b

And another,

richard b


I don't think I have any photos of the stays, but Richard's photos should show what you want.

You are correct in that the outer end uses a screw with washers and a nut. The inner end is fixed with a self-tapper IIRC, but I can't remember if it goes directly into the flange, or if there is a spire nut.

If you can locate the holes in the flange, you should be able to tell by the size of the hole.

ISTR that on the race car, I just fitted one bracket, as Richard did. I thought the second was unnecessary.
Dave O'Neill 2

The flange is double thickness so I just drilled and self tapped the pozi screw straight in and its not come loose as yet !

Set screw spring washer and nut on outboard end as Dave notes.

richard b

Hi Richard, Dave,
thanks for photos and info, that's how I thought they go but I don't seem to have the holes in the body flange and thought getting a drill there to get a straight hole might difficult (it was for a PO).

There are three holes on the dash on mine, near the choke, near the rev counter and in the middle covered by the interior light. IIRC the middle one looks like it might have been added by a PO as there's a corresponding rough drilled hole on the body flange.

The choke end is more my (roundtuit) priority because it's easier to get at and that's where the dash flexes with the use of the choke.

It's funny that Richard's body flange looks deeper than mine, I'm sure it isn't and just seems that way probably because of my reluctance to get a drill anywhere near that area for fear of paint and metal damage. I'll have to see if my neighbour has a small hand drill as mine would be too big to get in there comfortably.

I might have a go when I next stock up with brave pills.
Nigel Atkins

sorry I missed your 15:24:44 post until now. That confirms the holes need to be drilled, at least on the Heritage shells. Good to know just a self-tapper will do the job well, thanks.
Nigel Atkins

Yes ISTR it being a difficult access job, mine is drilled at a slight angle as it makes geting a battery drill in a bit easier.
To start the drill I would suggest an Automatic centre punch if you have one or a c/punch and hammer to make a dink to start the drill - hopefully in the correct place !

richard b

Screw the stay bar to the dash first, and then use a small 1/8" (2.5mm) drill through the hole in the other end of the stay. This will stop the drill wandering and make your pilot hole for the self tapper, but will also ensure that the spacing is correct.

Except ISTR I had to push the dash in a bit to comply with the length of the stay and ran out of hands !

So marked it off and drilled tapping size hole, initial run through with tapping screw and then pushed dash into place for final fixing.

richard b

I guess every car would be a bit different in that respect.

Still, l am sure Nigel could kneel on the gearbox tunnel whilst pushing the dash forwards with one knee, and reach underneath the scuttle with his drill held in one hand, whilst holding the stay up with the other, and look under the dash with a torch held in his mouth so he could see what he is doing.

Simples !

I'm afraid it's as Richard has put the dash needs pushing to get the stay anywhere near the body flange so a case of marking up.

I've yet to replace my auto centre punch (it broke! didn't spring back) I didn't see any in the shops when I looked the last couple of times and I turned down a small battery screwdriver for free that might have done the job as I thought I'd never use it.

However after a couple of unsuccessful attempts I did manage to get find some 2 and 3mm HSS drill bits.

I'll see what I can scrounge tomorrow.

ETA: yes Guy I could do all that and break myself, the car and all the tools at the same time.

I might be able to get my glamorous assistant to hold the dash for a few seconds whilst I mark it up but no longer than that!
Nigel Atkins

Still, Nigel, it makes for a good mental image!

and its not so very different to most jobs on a Spridget!

A very unpleasant imagine if I'm involved!

And I'm just too short, small and fat enough to make most jobs in a Spridget awkward. Anything involving footwells, particularly the driver's side, has arms flaying and shoulders dislocating. My hands and fingers are short and wide so they don't reach even even when I can squeeze them through the gaps. And being short I get back ache when the car is on the ground and ramps and stands. I'm only designed for driving the car - even then my legs are too short really.
Nigel Atkins

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