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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Original Shock Absorber

Hi all, I recall a recommendation a few weeks ago to send the original units out to a rebuilder to get better results than with the current new replacements. If someone can repost that source, I'd greatly appreciate. I normally save your incredibly usefull information, but somehow missed this one.

Thanks and Happy New Year,

Trey Smith
TS Smith

I think Peter Caldwell (World Wide) is what I was looking for. Any suggestions are appreciated.

TS Smith


Yes, you got it right.

C R Huff

Here is Peter's web address

I just recieved a new A-rm this morning!!
Thanks Peter, it looks great.
Phil Burke

I put a set of Peter's rebuilds on the front of my midget last summer. Good stuff!

If you have a little more money to throw at dampers, ask him about his adjustable conversions. Now those are excellent...

Gryf Ketcherside

The adjustable dampers look interesting. I'll inquire.

TS Smith

I installed some from Peter:

one of my rears:

one of my fronts:

They are pretty cool. I find the set screw to be a little hard to get at. I wish that they designed it such that you did not need a tiny allen wrench to adjust it. (so I don't have to go find my reading glasses and a tool just to loosen it). Also, I am not sure that if you turn them to exactly the same reading they are actually the same. I have found that I have to test them a little to decide if they feel matched.

other than that I like them very much.

R Harvey

Anyone got any pointers on where is best for dampers in the UK? I need to replace all four, and in the interests of time, am looking to simply exchange them rather than attempt a rebuild myself.


Thank you Rebecca. I like the idea of a slotted screw! I'll get some in.

They would be a 6-32 x 1/4"

Good feedback.

Peter Caldwell

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