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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Paint colour matching woes

I've finished making my bonnet bulge to cover the K-series.

Shaped by eye using heavy aluminium mesh riveted to the hole for the cam cover, then fibreglass and filler.

My car was resprayed before I got it - I believe it's an original MG colour for later year midgets, because I've seen a small number of similar coloured cars.

I tried "Bracken", but as you can see from the foto, it's a slightly greener colour.

My next guesses would be Blaze (BLVC16) or Bronze Yellow (BLVC15).

Does anybody recognise the car colour?
or have a link to a site with good examples of the Leyland colours?


Hugh Alison

I thought your car looked like Bronze yellow and would account for the registration but try this website
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

allowing for colour variances on photos and monitors, as it's a colour that I like on a Midget I'd also say it was probably Bronze Yellow

I went to look at buying one in that colour in Wales

I like your wheels too :)

photo of 1971/2 sales brochure, no mention of colour though

Nigel Atkins

Thankyou - Bronze Yellow will be my next try.
Hugh Alison

The brochure that Nigel posted is bronze yellow.

Here's a photo of a bronze yellow Midget that I had...

Dave O'Neill2

that's right make me even more jealous

I hope you get no charge 'Road Tax' if yours is was registered on 1/1/73 as itís from manufacture date not registered date

I had a car manufactured on 8 Jan 1973 so it missed the 7 days discretion by one day!
Nigel Atkins

I would almost definitely say that it is Bronze yellow.

It is the colour I dream of owning a 73 RWA in... its the car BL used in nearly all they're adverts - and there are some good ones!
C L Carter

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