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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Panel light switch


i have a 73 RWA midget,just this morning going to work i tried to turn on the panel light switch and it wouldn't depress and click in, is this a common fault, can it be repaired or do i need to order a new one.As it was 4 am i didn't have time or light to have a look.

Thanks for looking Wayne.
W Williams

the rocker switches are not as long-lasting as the previous toggle switches and do have a habit of falling apart after many years' use, requiring replacement. The new ones are poorer quality and don't last as long IMO.
David Smith

Wayne you can just bypass that switch - when have you ever wanted the panel lights off when the side or headlights are on?

Get the Handbook, do the full and proper service and maintenance, read all replies to your threads, Nigel

Sorry ignore the last bit

Wayne you can just bypass that switch, if you want to - when have you ever wanted the panel lights off when the side or headlights are on?
Nigel Atkins

Brilliant idea Nigel,how does one do that if they don't understand wiring diagrams - which wire to where

W Williams

Never driven down a dark country road?

I love driving fast over a dark road with fullbeam and spotlights on and dash out.
Makes you focus on the road and driving
Onno Könemann

agree with Onno - it's great to zoom along in the dark with everything off but the main beam light. It's also good for scaring the passengers by surreptitiously turning it off and then shouting OH NO ALL THE LIGHTS HAVE GONE..... ;D
Rob Armstrong

The old rocker switches can be taken apart, cleaned, plated rotated to avoid burned contacts. There's really not much to them!

My guess is the connecting plate has corroded through lack of use.

I use my panel switch to turn on the cooling fan (not really needed now as it's controlled by the Emerald).

Anthony Cutler

Wayne you don't need a wiring diagram or to under stand them to do this

The switch has twire wires going into it if you take these two wire off the switch and join them together you have bypassed the switch

Obviously as with any electrical connection the wire must be joined securely and joint and wire fully insulated

Easiest way is to make up a short piece of cable with a male connector on each end and use this to join together the two wire - this way it's very easy to go back to a switch later if you want to

the owners Handbook has wiring diagrams in it and loads more useful information

if you email me your postal address I'll make up this (crimped) connector for you and post it to you


I use my panel switch as the switch for my (rarely used) map reading light

Nigel Atkins

Following on from A's idea

(with the lights off)

Turn the switch off and on about 20 times

and taking the switch out (put your hand behind the dash and carefully push the switch forward) then disconnect one wire check that the connector on the switch is clean and inside the connector is clean

if furred up scrape oof with small screwdriver, wire brush, emeryboard, ect.

if both are fairly clean then just putting the connector on and off the switch about ten times could clean both enough - then leave that wire connected and do the same with the other wire and connector

these three actions cost nothing but a bit od time and might (only possibly) get the switch and connectors working again
Nigel Atkins

Ant is refering to cleaning the internal contacts within the switch.
Once removed from the car they are quite simple to take apart and clean out/up and grease (electrical type) and reassemble.

Any problems with ext contacts/Lucar connectors should be fairly obvious to clean up.

richard boobier

Hi Richard, perhaps I shouldn't have put following on from A's idea

I meant rather than or before taking the switch apart try rocking it into action

The OP is not confident or experienced (at the moment) so this was a less intrusive option

the connectors, well some would not look inside them as what's fairly obvious to someone that knows is not always obvious at all to those that don't know and they wont be looking for it - no one is born knowing we all have to learn (and remember) even simple stuff

and when you're dealing with something you're not sure about sometimes all your logic and observational skills disappear even on straight forward stuff

plus different people have different skills (or very little if like me) have you never meet a very intelligent person and after wondered how they safely do up their own shoelaces
Nigel Atkins

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