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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Pedal box adjustment


Anyone got any tips for adjusting MkI &MkII Sprite pedal boxes please?

I have installed a replacement dual master cylinder with a second hand pedal box, so have no real settings for the pedal box end stop bolts and the thread setting on the pushrods. Any tips for adjusting the pushrods and stops please?

I was thinking:

Use the end stop adjusters to set the barke and clutch pedals level with each other and suitable resting position that would allow full operation, then adjust the pushrods to meet the pedal stops so approx 1/8 inch play before the master cylinders are engaged? Sound sensible?

Master cylinder is a combined dual master cylinder with original 7/8 inch bore and matched pushrod for the clutch and sleeved to 3/4 inch for the brake cylinder bore with the correct length pushrod and 3/4 inch piston. The car is MkII Sprite 948cc upgraded with disc brakes on the front and single 1100cc Morris Minor rear wheel cylinders in the Frogeye rear brake plate and brake shoes.

M Wood

WSM gives the following info for adjusting the brake pedal...

1. Slacken the adjuster nut on the m/c push-rod.

2. Set the length of the push-rod to give a free movement of the pedal pad of approx. 5/32" (4mm) before the m/c piston begins to move. the push-rod must have a minimum of 1/32" (.8mm) free movement before the piston begins to move.
Dave O'Neill 2


That is great info, thanks.

M Wood

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