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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Peter Berkin Book Title

Can anyone help me with this eBay/UK auction listing?

The seller does NOT show an option for shipping to The Colonies so I would be more than happy to reimburse a reasonable amount of USA$ Dead Presidents plus all related costs to anyone sympathic to the cause...A quick check of the Royal Mail website shows an option called "small package" for approximately 5 pounds based a guesstimated weight.

This is the URL:

I have checked the usual suspects over here for used book titles and donít find any reference to the Berkin publication.

Could be interesting reading during those soon to arrive long & cold winter nights in Upstate NY. Thanks for any assistance on this mission.

Please direct any personal communications to:
mspelone at g mail dot com

Mike P.
Bookless In Buffalo

Mike Pelone

Mike, its a great little book and is one of the first midgetbooks I bought after the Haynes manual ofcourse.

Wander if Peter Berkin still is a midget-man, anyone here knows him?
Arie de Best has 5 used copies for sale starting at around $50 with shipping and handleing

is it the price tag that so outragous?

here is 5 more starting at $35

but it looks like you will have to type the authors name in the search box

good luck

O.K. Guys - Thanks for the ringing endorsement of that Berkin title. Mark from Preston (where ever that might be...) has responded to my request for assistance in getting this title across The Pond for my ever growing MG Midget reference collection.

From the sounds of this thread, this title would have been handy to use just a few years ago. However, you never know when another Midget will get rescued in the future...

I am now on Rescue Mission Number 3 and still would like to find (the perfect) round wheel arch example to finally get it right. What I have now is probably the 95 percent solution - perhaps I should settle for "quality" which is attainable versus "perfection" which can never be achieved.

Well, that is what I used to tell my old Supervisor during those annual Performance Reviews. Whew! Glad those days are over! Cheers!

Mike "The Librarian"

Mike Pelone

I bought this book through the MGOC when it was new in 1985. It cost £7.95 and I don't think it is worth much more than that now. The ISBN no is 0 9510734 0 0 published by Haidee publications - might make it easier to track down a copy at a more realistic price.

graeme jackson


Yes - I do have the ISBN number, but on THIS side of the world, I think it's more of a demand vs. supply problem. I don't doubt that the current value of this used title should be somewhat close(r) to the original selling price back in 1985 - over here you CAN find copies priced at or near $50 - which is way too much.

Many parts (new & used) are often much cheaper over your way - but the arbitrage process is somewhat constrained by the absolute cost of shipping the relative exchange rates.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Mike P.
Mike Pelone

So what's the deal Mike? Are you going to bid for this then when it comes time to pay specify one of our home addresses for delivery (you can do this in Paypal). Then we send it on to you when it arrives (so long as you pay the postage to the states)?

I'd be happy to help you out in these circumstances.

you can contact me at graeme underscore jackson at bankofscotland dot co dot uk if you want to discuss this offline.


graeme jackson

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