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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Peter Burgess RR tune-up

Thanks again to Peter for you doing such an outstanding RR tune-up on my car and at such great value – I thoroughly and highly recommend your RR-tune-up to others

this RR tune-up was the 3rd on the car in nearly 4 years, the first being done by a company local to me and the previous to visiting you was done by a recognised expert in A-series engines – Peter’s was by far the best and most effective with great results

Even from the short and restricted run I was only able to do before leaving you told me the car was much better

I’ve been able to fully test the car on a Sporting Bears ( ) weekend tour leading the way with friends in three other more powerful, quicker and faster cars on some great south west counties back roads – all were surprised by the way my car went and were pleased with the pace I set making the drive enthusiastic for them too

Even less obvious but very important things like easier starting on choke have improved and the increasingly important mpg is obvious just from the decrease in time it takes for the fuel gauge to move from F to E

Even when allowing for the cost of the journey from my home and back and buying my wife drinks and a meal the visit was a fabulous investment which paid immediate returns from the moment I drove the car after the excellent RR tune-up

Peter you need to put your charges up, as know you were a third of the price I paid last time for the same length of time but for results not nearly as good as yours
N Atkins

Couldn't agree more. I have dealt with Peter for years and he is a top bloke. Its worth the trip, even from Scotland.
Mike Howlett

Exactly the same sentiments from me - just substitute the South of England for Scotland
David Southcott

I only travelled from Northampton but my wife does drink a lot and it ened up two meals out in one day!

David I like your checky plug, some great photos too
N Atkins

Hi Nigel

Thanks for the nice words, also thanks to Mike and David.

With regard to pricing, I am happy to make a living, not a killing. We have, so far, stayed busy in a recession. The new rolling road will be paid off in another 4 years and hopefully we will still be making a living. we all enjoy our work and the main aim is not money. Remember how Karl Marx wrote about not being in control of the fruits of one's labour? We like to think a little of us leaves with each product, whether heads, engines or dynos....especially when we leave DNA samples on frayed carb/choke cables and spikey oil pressure lines....and head butting midget bonnets :)

P Burgess

Don't put your prices up yet. I need a dyno tune soon.
It's good to find a man happy in his work. I bet a lot of us here would like to be.
Dave Brown

Peter, are you willing to assemble a Lotus Twin-Cam head for me some time in the future? It's off a 1972 Elan Sprint. It will need guides putting in and assessing for unleaded use.
Mike Howlett

I am not always happy Dave :)


I am sure we can sort out the work for you....slow progress with 'out of the ordinary' heads though!

P Burgess

Peter, as you know, you charged me a third of what I previuosly paid and done a much better job !

Suggesting a price increase is purely selfish on my part as I want your business to be robust and available to me when I next need it (that could be a long time now tho')

I suggested price increases to another trader I used to use as he was attracting cheap moaning customers that undervalued him and his work, he actually took my advice and guess who was the first customer to get the increased labour rates - twice!

Dave don't worry if Peter trebled his prices he'd still be competitive and great value, let alone his results

oh, and, Peter, a long shot I know but any chance you can remember what needles you put in mine I forgot to record it (of course I could just take them out and get a magnifying glass but I don't want to disturb them)
N Atkins


I will have a look at what we took out and then check as I know the ones we used were very similar to what yours would have been when untouched....sounds complicated.

I have survived on my quirky business model for 25 years....22 years at the Alfreton unit this August! I have held the head prices down for 4 years (by the end of Dec 2011) but will have to raise them then. I have worked hard with insurance costs, unit price costs and changed banks so I have no charges....worked hard to get credit card costs down etc etc. thus I have not had to pass increased costs I said I enjoy running the business and earning a living, not a killing.


P Burgess

Thanks Peter, don't go to too much trouble as I do have the car available at all times if I ever get deperate for the info

as with costs if you're happy that's the main thing

cheers, Nigel
N Atkins

You can buy me a beer next time you are up :)

P Burgess

What you guys didnt tell us was: how was Peters coffee?
How would you rank it?
Would you go back for it or rather have tea next time?
Very important, do not underestamate the value of a good coffee!

Arie de Best

The main attraction there is the cafe up the road selling both tea AND amazing bacon butties.(but don't tell the wife)
steve cowling

Hi Arie

Only Nescafe I am afraid and standard teabags....but large urn of hot water so you can drink as many as you like :)

Diane brings a van into the yard at 9.20, sandwiches and meat pies etc etc, am convinced steak slice is dog food based but is most welcome during the winter months, and summer months when greed intervenes.

did you have egg with the bacon, is most wonderful!

P Burgess

Quote: "The main attraction there is the cafe up the road selling both tea AND amazing bacon butties."

I went there. The woman asked me where I was visiting and I said I was at Peter's.

"I thought so," she said, "I can tell by the smell".
Geoff E

Geoff, did she mean the smell of testosteron you get from wanting more BHP or the smell of leaking oil/coolant you get from an English car? :)

Peter, whenever I get close to Avon ill drop buy for tea and Dianes famous meat pies, and drop by Geoff's las at the cafe up the road and ask her if she knows where I was visiting. :)
Arie de Best

Hi Arie

Sorry to say I am in Derbyshire....not Avon....I cannot alter my details!!!!! You are always most welcome to come and say hi. What Carole likes is the oily/engineering smell.....some ladies are turned on by this (maybe blokes too?) conversely the smell can make grown ups weep!

P Burgess

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