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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Peter May Front Suspension top link

1.18.1 Front Damper Top Link Kit

Does anybody have one ? If so what do you think about it ?

I'm happy with the ride of my uprated, rebuilt lever arm dampers, I just don't like the idea of the single top arm and I'm considering the Peter May mod, as opposed to the FL kit.

Thoughts please.

Malc Gilliver

waste of time and money for a road car IMO. Plenty of guys who race and race hard don't bother with them.
David Smith

x2 what David said.

the benefit would mostly be felt when maneuvering while braking hard, with very sticky tires

Norm Kerr

Well I like them on a road car.
More stable under braking especially on bumby surfaces.
And I feel it tends to reduce the wear on the bottom pan/trunnion.

I will be changing back to them in combination with negative camber trunnions from the FL kit I have now.
Onno K

I copied them to make my top link, with additional tube shock. It's great. Braking under wobbly road conditions is much much better. I won't be fitting FL stuff instead of them.
Rob Armstrong

Ive been told the same about being a waste, but its hard not to see the advantages of this MOD

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Well, I've got a Frontline setup, and I sort of wish I hadn't - though I confess I haven't explored the full range of damper settings yet.

The front of the Frog feels kind of dead: efficient, but dead. It's lost that slightly skittish feel, which I now realize I liked very much, not only because it was so characteristic of a Sprite, but I felt that I had good control because it was telling me everything, every second.

Romantic, eh?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Im going to be doing the front line set up sometime soon as part of my front end rebuild.

From various people over the years... you ither like it or you dont... it seems those that like it, did alot extra during the considering im going all in ape crap... i think ill really like it

Perhaps ill add that stablizer bar also like we are talking about here

My thinking at the moment is ill do it some time late july...after my current job and.the next are completed....just in time for the fall driving season

Or until the left side wishbone pan splits in half due to the growing crack ive aquirred .... which ever comes 1st...hahaha

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

what rim size wheels and tyre width do you have on the Frog?

the original 5.20 work out to 130/100/13 tyres so 135/80/13 in modern terms (same rolling radius as 155/70/13, well 0.2% difference) -

I put up a post with details on a recent tyres thread
Nigel Atkins

I have had the kit on my 1275 for some years now, and I like it, it definitely improves stability.
What they don't tell you however is that the front brake pipes have to be moved, as the second link comes out through the inner wing where the brake line union is.

Dave Barrow

Nigel - 4" rims and 145 tyres.

Yes - I remember the brake pipe move, and it was tricky.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

sorry Nick I missed your reply before

and sorry I was thinking of the 3.5 wheels and possibly getting back to 135/80/13 tyres

I previously postulated that given a standard original Frog's weight with original 3.5 wheels then 135s would be fine for the weight and handling of the car plus that lighter vehicles need less loading index and generally the narrower the tyre the less load index

perhaps you could experiment with the damper settings (Ive put mine back to one click up from softest out of a range of 14) or perhaps you could experiment with tyre pressures (Ive got mine at 24 & 26) or experiment with a combination of both

Ive still got a 15 steering wheel and I think that helps a lot with the feel of the steering

perhaps your present tyres just arent suited to a Sprite, I had that with my last set of tyres, Toyo 350 (155/80/13 75T), their sidewalls seemed too stiff (although their load index was the same as my present tyres at 75), I put up with them as long as I could then they had to go, my present tyres Michelin Energy EB31 (145/80/13 - 75T) look narrow and give feedback

see here for tyre sizing, load indices and loads more useful info and on the other three pages -
Nigel Atkins

I must admit to being a sucker for keeping it sort of standard. I run standard Frogeye wheels with 145/80 Pirelli P3000. Standard damper valves but 5/8" ARB. It handles very well and gives better feedback than my 3 year old Audi A3.
Bob Beaumont

135/80/13 tyres would be more original standard for a standard Frog

not many tyres about in that size but the ones I've seen are 70 or 71 load index so nearer a Frogs low weight and some good makes and models can turn up

I'd think only a Westfield/Caterham/Atom type modern car would come anywhere near a Spridget steering feel
Nigel Atkins

When radials were first introduced 145s were the factory option for Sprites and midgets on both 3.5in. and 4.5in wheels
Ray Rowsell

yes I accept that but that doesn't mean that 135s couldn't be used, possibly the marketing department wanted the more 'sporty' wider tyres or as it is now there were more 145s than 135 radial tyres made or they had a contract commitments to a tyre manufacturer and 145 size

I was giving a possible alternative to standard Frog owner who wanted more of the original handling and Nick who wanted more steering feel

I did discover that in a couple of early publications "145-13SP" were shown as "Tubed" but not later so perhaps they found the tunes weren't required or perhaps it was a typo or mistake, I don't know
Nigel Atkins

You said "135/80/13 tyres would be more original standard for a standard Frog" which is not true. Fine to suggest an alternative but not to suggest they were standard.
David Smith

er, I didn't

even in your quote I used >>would be more standard<< note the word >>more<<

I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear enough for you to fully understand

perhaps I should have put nearer or something like that but I certainly didn't put or try to suggest they were standard

I did in an earlier post put >>the original 5.20 work out to 130/100/13 tyres so 135/80/13 in modern terms<<

I wasn't arguing with Bob just explaining

it's obvious that 80% ratio isn't the same as 100%

in another thread the subject has been explained and neither 135/80/13 or 145/80/13 are that close to 5.2 x 13 or 135/100/13

just to summarise I am NOT saying 135/80/13 tyres were standard to a Frog and I apologise to David and anyone else if I inadvertently to your minds suggested that 135/80/13 were standard, that was NOT my intention
Nigel Atkins

in my last post I realised I made a couple of typos -
>>in another thread the subject has been explained and neither 135/80/13 or 145/80/13 are that close to 5.2 x 13 or 135/100/13<<

it should have read -
>>in another thread the subject has been * expanded * and neither 135/80/13 or 145/80/13 are that close to 5.2 x 13 or * 130/100/13 *<<
Nigel Atkins

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