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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - pinion shaft nut size

dear all easy one i am sure, what is the nut size for the pinion shaft, i am repaling the oil seal on a my 1500.

i have read the manual on process but any handy hint wold be welcome


many thanks
df mccabe

I cant remember the size...but its a beast to remove
Get ither an electric or air powered inpact gun...or it will make you an old man in under a 1/2 hour

Good luck

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Just measured it on my spare diff, 28.65mm A/f, so 29mm socket or whatever the equivalent in imperial is..
you need a big long tube to put over your breaker bar.....
have you seen Norms guide ?
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Yep, 1-1/8" in real numbers
Paul Walbran

Yeah, darn it, I didn't bother to write down what that nut size was. I remember thinking to myself while I took those pictures, "and write down the nut size because others will want to know it".

And then I forgot.

OK, 1 1/8" I will make a note of it. Thanks Paul!

Norm Kerr

Douglas: as Andy intimates, it isn't a straightforward job as you will have to reset the preloading of the bearings. Preload is indicated as a "tightness" in turning the pinion shaft and there is a need to tighten the nut until a specific turning torque on the shaft is created. This is torque to turn the shaft, not tightening torque on the nut. This will need to be measured with a suitable torque wrench or a makeshift weight on a short lever arm. If you do it according to the book you will need to replace the collapsible spacer between the bearings.

And don't push the seal fully home. Keep it flush with the outer face otherwise the seal lips move off the parallel section onto the taper.

Norm's guide is a good read. Just undoing the nut, whacking in another seal it ain't!
Graeme W

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