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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - planet of the apes was a good movie

I saw planet of the apes last night, and no doulbt the best film of the year, I still cant stop thinking about it

What I really enjoyed that will be lost on the younger generstion, was that the film went back to its original roots of the 1970s of the message of what that film series was all about originally

Racism and prejudice

The movie packed alot of debate into a very short time frame, but still did a great job with sub character named kolbe... his transformation for happy ape to the end result of what racism does to a peron was by far the most intriguing part of the film as well as the what fear can spawn in kolbys counter part on the human side of the equation.

the film had great balance of good acting, great script/dialog, and special the current day of over the top Michel bay comic book heros, this film was a real zest of fresh air ... yes it had some dopey scenes... but I could live with that compared to the other crapola that keeps being played in theaters

I loved the symolism of the ending... tho very obvious even to the non thinking eye... it was such a nice throw back touch to what movies used to do, the hidden message with in the scene...even though the hidden message ws so blantant, it was still magic, old Hollywood style

Is it a perfect film? no ! But its an 8.5

had it not needed to be a general mass audiance film to rike a profit and it could have easily been made for those that like to think, like cloud atlas
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Did you have a séance with Siskil and Ebert last night?

I hope I'm old enough in my generation to get all the queues!

Steven Devine

In the other thread, I saw your recommendation for using Super Glue on skin cuts...

But obviously there are also beneficial effects including improved spelling and sentence structure...

Mike Pelone


Super glue was an old carpenter that showed my about 30 years ago...easier more effective and cheaper then a band aid

I blame my smartphone for my spelling improvements...haha


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I have heard that first aid work was the intended original purpose for super glue. Pretty fast thread drift, eh?

C R Huff

Only partially true Charley...

graeme jackson

You could have at least thrown a line about front wheel bearings or oil choices in to justify putting it in the "midget Technical" section!

Keep the spam in the general section.
M Le Chevalier

I don't like apes.

Gryf Ketcherside


I would have put this on the general side but, this side seemed like it was running slower in traffic count


Old eyes or begiining stages of Alzheimer is how this thread got fat fingers involved this time ~¿*

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

" ---- its original roots of the 1970s of the message of what that film series was all about originally -- "

I always thought it was more about the possiblity that we might destroy the planet, or at least the human race.

The original was on the telly a couple of nights ago. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed watching it. I'd expected it to be a bit cheesy. The follow-ups certainly were.

Did someone mention spam? Monty Python knew a thing or two about apes too. LOL

Lawrence Slater

Interesting read Graeme. Thanks for the clarification.

C R Huff

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