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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Pointless earth strap?

Hey everyone, feels like ages since I posted, just been plodding on with things and not had a great deal to report. Hoping to be running and able to drive about the yard by the end of the month, but still putting off finishing the body filler!

Anywho, to the point. When I bought my car it came with quite a hefty earth strap going between the alternator bracket and the radiator shroud, see picture. Any clue what issue this might have been trying to resolve? Replace or bin? (I am thinking bin!)


M Le Chevalier

Or.... is it a bodge to try and provide some restraint to that radiator hose?!
M Le Chevalier

Desperation to attempt curing a charging fault maybe.

We all know how useless the BMC style turret cap battery terminals are so maybe someone has been struggling with one of those.

What type of battey lug connections does your car have?
bill l

Well 1500 did have a rubber/fabric composite strap there - presumably to stop the hose chaffing or getting caught on the alternator belt. I think it is just a PO's re-interpretation of that.
Guy Weller

If you do bin it, make sure you do have some find of earth strap to rely on

Presonally... id repostion it like the 1275... from the transmission to the body under the car

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I bet the normal one failed...emergency replacement was easier there than scrabbling under the car in the rain at the side of the road. It worked. It was left.
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

I'd agree with Dean, either a failure or the ever popular intermittent contact that yields a swiss watch today and a washing machine tomorrow.
Before you deep six it look over what you'll have left as a ground or take Prop's advise and keep it on duty at a more discreet location
Bob Ketcham

Hi Bob,

See my other thread on the General, I have the engine spinning over now. I currently have both earths attached, but am going to remove this extra one and see if it still works.

Also going to renew the "proper" strap underneath in due course so this one is likely to end up surplus to requirements.

M Le Chevalier

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