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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Position of Facet pump

Sorry - I know there was a similar thread recently but it did not really answer my query so apologies for bringing this up again.

I'm installing a low pressure Facet cube pump to replace my standard electric SU (it's a 1275 midget). The Facet instruction leaflet says 'install in a vertical position at 45 degrees to the tank'. I'm not really sure what that means. They also show a diagram with the inlet side at the bottom and outlet at the top. Does anyone know if the position (vertical. 45 degrees, horizontal, inlet top, inlet bottom) matters?
Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

On mine it did...

I had to keep the inlet below or near below the bottom of the tank

The fuel goes in the top of the pump and comes out below...and the pump also had to be at an angle of around 45-60 degrees

I used some of that ridged steel strapping with the holes in it ever 1/2 inch apart and mounted to the fuel pump location then attached the fuel pump down lower on that strapping material so the top of the fuel pump was lower then the gss tank its self and mounted the angle the same as the old fuel pump

It worked fine... I dont understand why the need for an angle on an electric faucet ...but it works

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I installed mine in place of the SU, at 45 degrees, with the inlet at the bottom. Worked fine.
Dave O'Neill2

This is how I installed mine, hope this helps, I have only managed about 60 miles since I installed it but it seems fine to me.
Thanks Ian

I Pickering

This is the one I installed. On mine the inlet is at the bottom and it works just fine. Noisy b*gger though.

Mike Howlett

Thanks for the pictures and advice. I get the vertical but why 45 degrees (because the 45 degrees does not relate to the position of the tank but to the vertical (i.e. sloping left to right) if I mount the pump on the bulkhead in front of the rear axle)?

Still puzzled

Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

Why 45 degrees?

Because we are mindless autotroms....its always been done that way and it should always be done that way....Hahaha


I think it has to do with settiment...if its horizontial the crap from the tank builds up in the pump....and completely vertical dosnt allow the pump to funtion properly...kind of like pouring gas out of a gas can with out the vent open...(glug glug glug)

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

My Facet cube's mounted like Mike's except it's on rubber bobbins. You can hear it purring when you switch the ignition on but it's not audible once the engine's running.
It's been fine most of the time but suffered an air lock when cornering hard on a low fuel tank. I had to resort to a bit of cautious sucking to prime it as it couldn't do it itself, even with a couple of gallons in the tank. Glad I had some clear tube to hand to see when the fuel was through.
Colin Mee

Well I've fitted my Facet pump and it seems to work (no road run yet). I made a bracket out of 1.2mm steel sheet and attached it just below where the old SU was located (with the advantage that nothing was altered so I could refit the SU if necessary). I used two studs already on the bulkhead (the one on the right being a fixing for the SU bracket and the one on the left is currently unused [no idea what it was for]) and a couple of self-tappers at the bottom. The use of a bracket meant I could attach the two mounting bobbins without struggling to fix them to the inaccessible rear of the bulkhead.

I paniced about the noise at first but one the pump had drawn in some petrol it quieted down and is acceptable (although noisier than an SU). Here is a picture.

Chris - I'm all pumped up - Hasluck

Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

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