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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Powder coating

As I am currently replacing my roof I have decided that i would like to have the hood frame and header rail powder coated.
However one of the local finishers quoted ~80 (Although that quote was based on a vague description of a midget hood frame over the phone, so may not be an accurate representation of the job). Does this seem like a reasonable price?
If so is there a cheaper alternative to powder coating?
BH Harvey

Paint. It will look better, cost a lot less and be easy to touch up in the future. I hate powder coating - can you tell?!
John Payne

I have no experience with powder coating myself. However I have heard that it produces a durable, even and good-looking finish.

Why do you hate powder coating? Is it due to the process itself or a fault with the workmanship?

I did use Hammerite before, but the finish was (predictably) poor.
BH Harvey

To me it always seems fine on solid objects (like wheels) but on small bendy moving objects it tends to get damaged to quickly.

And when damaged it is unrepairable
Onno K

I don't even think it's that good on solid objects personally but a hood frame with all it's hidges I'd certainly not be sure but I could well be wrong
Nigel Atkins

I have been involved in coatings for many years and powder coating is ideal for smaller areas where you are wanting a good hard wearing finish (Polyester Powder for exterior use) ie large quantities of engine parts etc, but for larger areas you will always have a rippled finish as it does not flow as well as wet paints.

Coaters have to buy a minimum of 25 kilos of powder at approximately 4 to 5 per kilo dependant on colour, so 80 is not a bad price, but I would go for a good sprayed paint finish for any bodywork.

Tim Lynam

Paint for me. Sprayed my 40 year old frame with cellolose satin finish from an aerosol and it's remained as good as when first painted despite being up and down regulalrly.

You pays your money and you takes your choice...


Jeremy 3

I've just stripped my dashboard. On the inside face ie the non-visible side, I sprayed it with hammerite satin black - 8 light coats at 15 minute intervals as per the instructions. I'm really pleased with the finish - even though it won't be seen. Hopefully good practice of spraying technique to do the wrinkle coat the other side.
Nigel Axtell

I've had a reasonable amount of powder coating done and I'm very pleased with the results so far. I've had the axle case, bumper brackets, wishbones, pedal box and plenty of other small components done. The finish so far has been very hard wearing and looks great.

80 seems a little steep to me for a hood frame. When I turned up with my axle case and a box of bits and it was 50 (cash) including shot blasting.

Ach, where do you get your stuff done Tony?

I tried two places local to me. The first failed to even dignify me with a response (twice!). The second said literally one line 'parts range from 10 upwards, minimum order is 200'

I thought, fine, sod 'em all!

Perhaps its just Aberdeen.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Word of warning, there's powder coating, and powder coating! I've had some really good results where the coating is quite substantial, and others that were extremely thin. Make sure you know exactly what you're getting, have a look at previous work, and check exactly what type of coating is going to be used.
Cheers John

~80 seems to be the going rate around here, however that is just a rough estimate (doubt it would go down much though).
I've decided not to go for powder coating as it just doesnt seem worth spending 80 on a 10 roof frame, besides one powder coater said that powder coating a hinged area would never work (due to the post coating heat treatment?).
I'll probably just paint it.
BH Harvey

Another point to consider is that powder coating makes a very good glue on moving parts! You would need to seperate it into it's components including removing any rivets that are used and be prepared to redrill their holes when the frame is returned to enable the rivets to be refitted. Any captive nuts have to be either masked or retapped otherwise the bolts won't fit. As others have said, powder coating is good for non moving parts but unless you are preparedf to do a lot of extra work then paint would be far more preferable. You made the right choice,
Graham P

Are those of you getting stuff powder coated having the items plated first at all? Powder coat is only really meant to be a surface finish and not a hard wearing one stop coating in itself. From my knowledge of kit cars, and the chassis' in particular, the powder coat will almost invariably crack and let in water, which it then holds against the steel where you can't see it until a large patch falls off to reveal all the rust. Paint however will show up flaws and is easily repaired.
S Overy

Large flakes fell of the inside of one of my Minator minilites, underneath was corrosion. I don't like the stuff much myself.
Lawrence Slater

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