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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - primer then filler or filler then primer?

The title says it all.
Am about to body prep the midget..
Have it stripped to bare metal
So acid etch primer then filler or vice versa..
T Dafforn

I knew I had seen this asked in the archive somewhere...

M Le Chevalier

oh, that link doesn't seem to work... Search the technical archive for the phrase "using body filler" should come up with a thread of that name that gives you the answer!

M Le Chevalier

I used acid etching primer first, then filler.
I wasn't sure, but I had grit blasted the body back to bright metal and wanted to get some acid etch on immediately before it began to form rust in the micro-pores in the surface. I didn't want rust to form and spread under any filler. But I only used a thin coat of acid etching as I didn't want it to build up too much of a skin between solid metal and any filler applied.

The mistake I did make was to use standard easy-sand (water absorbent) filler, and then added water when rubbing back! In retrospect, I should have used a metal based non hygroscopic filler.


You can look here i found it very helpful
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

This thread was discussed on 14/05/2011

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