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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Question for anyone with Frontline conversion kit

I have just orderd my frontline parts (i'm excited!) they will be here in about a week, but i won't be installing till May. I am doing the whole front suspension because I don't want to take it apart again for a long time! My question is about bushings:

I was going to opt for polyurethane bushings for logner life and durability... but in reading the frontline directions found on Moss Europe's site, I read "We do not recommend the use of nylatron bushes except for racing because the new top arm takes much of the play out of the suspension so they may make the ride more hard" or something like that (i'm parpaphrasing) Is "nylatron" the same as "polyurethane" would I be better to go with OEM rubber bushes?

I'm hoping someone here has experienced the frontline suspension set up with polyurethane bushes and can comment on the ride.

Chris Edwards


Nylatron is a hard plastic with self lubricating properties, hence it is used for suspension bushes - it has no 'squish' so is usually reserved for competition cars.

Polyurethane bushes are stiffer than rubber bushes (and generally longer lasting than the dodgy OEM bushes supplied these days), but still retain an element of 'squish'


James Bilsland

I changed from standard bushes to urethane (yellow, fast-road) throughout my front and rear suspension and found them a litle hard -

When I had the FL front and rear suspension fitted I changed urethane to polyurethane (Super-Flex) and Im happy with them

I can't compare the two because of the different suspension components but I 'feel' happier with the polyurethane bushes -
Nigel Atkins

Thanks! just what i needed to know.
Chris Edwards

Chris, I found an old post of mine where I'd just had the urethane (yellow, fast-road) bushes fitted

and at that time I said I didn't find them hard!

but I am used to fairly firm riding cars

and after having the Super-Flex bushes I must have felt they made the urethane ones seem hard in retrospect because that's my memory now
Nigel Atkins

I have the poly's and FL set-up. It is firm but I don't see my midget as a comfortable car anyway compared with my 2 year old everyday VW! I like it but its a personal thing. If you have the adjustable shocks then you can adjust firmness to some extent.

Steve H K-ser

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