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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - question for peter burgess

Following on from the SU Needles thread, I'm trying to get the twin 1-1/4s running reasonably while I wait for the HiF44 to arrive.

Having fitted the AF needles and balanced the carbs as best I can, I'm finding that pulling from low revs the engine gets bogged down and doesn't pull very well. It can take quiet a heavy foot and some clutch slipping to pull away. When moving, if I put the foot down in 2nd or 3rd it pulls well but doesn't like it if I'm trying to accelerate gently in town.

Would this indicate a too lean mixture or too rich?

(I know you're going to recommend a rolling road session but they're few and far between up here and this is just a stopgap till I get the 1-3/4 fitted)

graeme jackson

Hi Graeme

Try pulling the choke out a little, if it gets worse is too rich, if it gets better is too weak. Also black smoke if too rich.
The red springs seem a little heavy to me and as I said the combo seems a little rich but the proof of the pudding....
The 270 cam with high lift rockers will be a little bogged down at low rpm anyway, did you advance the cam a little to suit the rockers? What sort of Cr are you running, just over 10:1 would be good with the cam and rocker combo.

Peter Burgess Tuning

How long before santa brings the HIF 44 to your fireplace chimny?

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Thanks peter.
I'll check with the choke tomorrow. Managed to get the time to pull the plugs this evening and 1&2 are very sooty whereas 3&4 look normal so there's obviously something amiss with my balancing skills. Using a colourtune and I have read opinions on here that E10 fuel doesn't behave the way 4 star used to with regards the spark colour.

Prop - I'd hoped it would have arrived by Friday but it's late.

meanwhile I'm going to put the old needles and springs back in and try again.
graeme jackson

Wow... very ambitious,

You could just take the day off and go with the flow, sounds like the new carb will arrive before the duel carbs are tuned in

Prop and the Blackhole Midget


Did you check out the float for 1 and 2?

Poorly seated float needle, incorrect float height, stuck float etc etc all contribute to a rich mix......


Mark O

Well the HiF finally arrived and it's fitted with a BB2 needle which I believe should be on a Jaguar :-( Got the car running very roughly with the minisport manifold but it needs the right needle and I'd rather not cut the manifold down to be able to shut the boot so, as I'm going on holiday for a week I've ordered a BDL as recommended elsewhere on this forum and have also ordered a Maniflow inlet.
Will keep you posted.
graeme jackson

Your going on holiday... well that sucks, isnt time with the car a holiday... *¿~

Have a good time, looking forward to you arriving back and seeing if the new needle works good

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Hi Graeme,
I would be interested to know what you think of the maniflow manifold when you have fitted it. I have used their twin hs2 manifold before and was quite impressed.
Keep us informed of the progress.

Have a good holiday.

Dave Brown

So far I'm really impressed Dave. They phoned me at 8.30 this morning to check the inlet port size I require and then again at 12:30 to see if I wanted a servo take off fitted. Can't ask for better service than that.
graeme jackson

Maniflow manifold arrived while I was on holiday so I didn't get it all fitted till today. I have to say it's an impressive piece of welding. Fits perfectly. The only criticism I'd have is that it doesn't come tapped for studs so I had to spend some time cutting down 4 bolts to fit. I also bought a 'BDL' needle for the Hif and got that set up along with a shiny new K&N. Spent some time today putting it all together and it's running very well although there's a slight hesitation somewhere around 4000 rpm. It does rev very freely though and it's added a very nice growl to the exhaust note. Time to find some tunnels and play 'Top Gear'.

graeme jackson

Your lucky day today Graeme

Brum's famous tunnels reopen today (Sep 1st) after a long summer shut down

Mind you, it is a long way for five minutes of noisey tunneling

Slight hesitation at 4000, Peter B sorted one of those for me when I had my midget on his old rollers

Shame it's also a long way from you, he'd be ideal

Gratuitous shot of The Man working magic on a Locost a few days ago

The engine was probably doing more than 4k when I took it

bill l

Are the jets old... they maybe worn in that center rev range....

But ... nice job, im sure its the queens bee


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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