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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Racing in the rain - suspension settings

Do any of the racers have wet suspension settings they want to share? For example does anyone swap to softer front springs or fit a smaller diameter anti-roll bar?
Daniel Stapleton

We'd be forever changing them it's so changeable here!

Tyre pressure change occasionally when we can remember what we set them at in the first place.

Saying that I'm never at the sharp end that means it makes any difference.

Andrew McGee

I change tyre pressures, and soften up the rear shocks, no more than that.
David Smith

Isn't there a book with this stuff in? ;o)
Dave O'Neill2

looks like there's a newer one a'coming Dave


I was actually interested in some info for a friend just starting racing. I was hoping someone would say something like:

It's a PITA but we swap front springs from 600 to 450lbs.


We drop down a size of ARB, sometimes 2, depending on the circuit/how wet it is.

No new book yet but the existing will be available as a digital copy soon.
Daniel Stapleton

I used to soften the rear dampers to 2 clicks off the softest settings on the adjustable Armstrongs I had. I do recall Andrew Actman saying he used to unbolt the front ARB but not tried that myself. I am going to get a softer set of front springs though for next season. If I can get some wet testing in I will let you know how it goes.
John Collinson

This summer should give you lots of scope for that then John


My thoughts exactly, Bill ;o)
Dave O'Neill2

Rather than change suspension settings, why not change to fwd?

Anthony Cutler

Maybe soften the rear dampers, (if I could be bothered), obviously put wets on instead of slicks, and wind the brake bias to the rear a turn or too, main thing is that you want some understeer, so that you can use the throttle to give some oversteer, main thing is that you have to tell the car who is in control and not pussy foot about with it! TBH a midget is not a precision racing device and a lot comes with how you drive it, and as I always say, just drive it faster!!!


Mark Turner

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