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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Radio Console Again


Ignore my post in general threads, this was an error!

I had an idea :)

Would it be possible to use on of these in a sprite?

I would aim to put 2 speaker holes above the radio cutout.

Does anyone have any thoughts?
R Williams

same unit so same reply

it looks big in all directions except perhaps width - but without dimensions who knows how much it might be altered

I know you wont listen but I'd suggest you save your money for the next issue on your car and regular servicing - if you don't get any issues by the end of next summer then you'll still have the money for items like this
Nigel Atkins

I wouldn't put the speakers where you suggest - too near the gearbox! The gearbox can be noisy at the best of times and the radio is no competition. Try clamping the speakers over each ear as an effective way of both hearing the music and drowning gearbox noises.
GraemeW (Kent!)

Why not make something like this, easy design but must say I like the looks of it.
Cant remember who's car it is but the photo was made on midget50 in 2011.

Arie de Best

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