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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rainproofing for parking outside

I'm looking for rainproofing advice.

I have a 68 Sprite which I like to protect and care for. I have realised that I don't really use it as much as I'd like, because I keep it in a workshop at work, 17 miles from home. It's a chore to go and fetch it if I want to go for a drive.
If I keep it at home, I'll use it more, but it will have to be parked outside on my drive. I have replaced the hood that only seems to leak a bit on the motorway, but I worry. It's not a posh car, but I don't want it to dissolve or rot my nice interior. I've never had much luck with car covers. I do have a hardtop, but it doesn't sit properly over the new hood which is stiffer and thinner than the original. Do others rely on the hood to keep out rain?

Any brilliant suggestions?


M Crossley

I do not know what they are called, but several of our local healey owners have vinyl covers that cover the just the tops off the cars (while the soft/hard top is in place). This prevents driving rain from getting inside while the car is parked. It is held on by straps the attach to door handles and such.
Trevor Jessie

Similar to this

but more tailored.
Trevor Jessie

build a garage or carport!
Mick struggling with the wiring

If the hood and windscreen and surround are fitted corectly you shouldn't have leaks whilst parked

Got visitors now will come back with ideas later
Nigel Atkins

For reference:

I made my own version of "84" which does the job when I am away from home.

The bought ones are pricey.
JB Anderson

Mark, a top cover will give you the belt and braces (and string and chewing gum) effect you're after

No need to pay for that MGOC heavy weight version a lighter cheaper version will stop the rain getting in and protect against the sun

It will also be quick enough to use so as not to put you off using the car

something like this (around £40 or cheaper shop ones) -

I'd leave the window down a little under the top cover to prevent heat and moisture build up

I found when I used a full car cover I was put off using the car as often because with the full car cover the car would need to be clean before the cover was used which meant having the time and dry day to clean the car and put the full cover on and then I didn't want to use the car because of finding the time to repeat the process after a quick blast in the car

PS My Midget sits outside all year round without a cover
Nigel Atkins

P.S. good choice on colour :)

Nigel Atkins

When not used for periods (away for Xmas etc) I used to open the doors, unclip some of the fasteners, lift the side of the roof away from car, close the doors, leaving all the 'flaps' on the outside of the windows (ie at the top and trailing edge of windows). Do up the fasteners of course.

Stops the rain (and snow) blowing in, and drips coming in.

Anthony Cutler

Just make sure that the top and the seals are good.
Put it in the garage during winter and don't drive when there is salt on the road.

It will be fine
Onno Könemann

Mine has been out a lot for years whatever the wheater is despite having a garage.
- Important is to have the car treated with waxoil in every hollow space.
get a spraycan of waxoil and the spray it where ever it makes sence to protect against moist/damp.
- Make sure that the door-holes on the inside are ductaped so the interior doorpanel is protected against damp comming from rain dripping inside the door.
Arie de Best

Thanks for the reassurance. MOL will be getting wet. I've Dinitrol'd it to death, and made a space on the drive.
Nigel, perhaps I'm predictable but BRG works for me.
Mick the Yorkie, garages are for bikes. Theres no room for a car!


M Crossley

I think I've found at least some sort of answer. £17 from B&Q. The neighbours already think they live next to the Beverly HillBillys, so I can't let them down...


M Crossley

Hey Mark, that is excellent.
l have been thinking of getting one of those for when l need to work on the car in the rain.£17 is a very good price! Halfords have them on special offer at £49 just now! Is the B &Q one available with side panels?

Incidentally, with a car called MOL does that make you a gangster?

Guy, No sides I'm afraid. The Hafords one doesn't sound bad. The B&Q one suited me thought because it was narrow enough to fit the space available,2m.

Nowadays I think the word is Gangsta, if you're 'Down with the kids'. (Cue groans and eye rolling from mine)
M Crossley

What's wrong with a cover.

Very cheap. Just need to remember to take it off every few days to let it air. I find it much quicker if the airing is done at 80mph.
tm wainwright

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