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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rear axle U-bolts

This may be one of those 'daft questions' but I've just fitted 1 inch lowering blocks to the rear of my midget. When fully tightened up the new, longer U-bolts extend at least an inch below the nut. I'm thinking that I should cut of the excess in the interests of safety and also to reduce the risk of grounding on speed humps. Is this sensible or is there a down side (such as not being able to reassemble the spring shackles in the future if I ever have to dismantle again)?
Chris Hasluck

Likely the bolts are long as they will be supplied with various different lowering height kits but if you think about it you can't bottom the bolts out as they go up with the axle over speed bumps and the bottom of the tyres is the lowest point in contact with the road so the U bolt bottoms will be far higher.
David Billington

Good point David.
Chris Hasluck

This thread was discussed on 07/09/2016

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