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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rear poly bushes


What is the latest thinking here? Replaced the flat rear rubber bushes with a blue poly bush set up on the old Mk3 midget years ago and it worked very well. Do we have a new improved whiter version these days? If so - where from?

Methodology - Replace U brackets/nuts and possibly plates whilst supporting the axle? Cannot remember now for certain.....


Great to hear from you - you well?

Daft response from me - if the blue ones worked very well fit them again if you can still get them?

IIRC Polybush were the original, from Australia and blue (or yellow?). Is this original manufacturer: ? Looks like they still do the blue ones ('Performance Blue' on the drop down menu) as well as orange ones ('Performance'). Not sure if the blue ones are a bit less stiff compared to orange?

M Wood

Nearly right Oggers. The axle us over the spring, so support the weight of the car under the forward end spring plate. Supports under the axle and the car will just sink down as you slacken the U bolt nuts!

Do the U bolts need replacing? They are pretty robust and unless the threads have stripped or they are unduly rusty, you very likely don't need to even disturb them. Remove 4 nuts. Prise plate off with a flat blade screwdriver, fit new pad and reassemble using new Nylocks. Repeat.


Indebted as ever - many thanks. Yes I remember supporting it under the spring plate now. I also remember the corrosion there at the time! I think I replaced it...

Been heavily involved in two-wheeled machines of late - now back to the rocket MG for a while. Looking at installing a Panhard rod and bike carbs for the 2.0 Duratec up front - how fast do I want to crash....

I use superpro bushes and have been very happy

also blue and australian...
DJ Paul

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