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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rear Spring Front Mount Bush?

Over last couple of weekends, I have fitted a Frontline damper conversion and replaced front and rear bushes with a Polybush kit (blue). REALLY pleased with the way the car now feels and handles - so much more confident when throwing it around :))

However, the bush set from Polybush did NOT include bushes for the front mounting of the rear springs - does anyone know why this is the case? Do other suppliers include these bushes? Does anyone know of an appropriate bush that I could use (polyurethane only).

Whilst I'm here, does anyone know of an appropriate "poly" bush that I could use to replace the rubber bushes in my Spax rear dampers too?

Thanks in advance
Glynn (not Glenn) Williams

Poly bushes for mini front shocks will do the job on the midget rears.

With the front bush I think it is a bonded metalastic bush and I've never seen a poly replacement for it.
Rob Armstrong

This page from the Polybush website suggests that a kit should include bushes for the front end of the rear springs, and that they are the same as the rears:

Thinking of getting a set for my Sprite - how easy are they to fit?

Colin Mee

So it does, good find. I seem to remember that the front bush on my replacement springs was actually bonded to the main leaf. Might be worth ringing those people and asking :)
Rob Armstrong

I'd seen that link on their website but in fact they supply x4 pairs for the rear shackles, NOT x2 pairs as shown in the schematic.

Fitting the bushes was pretty straightforward. By far (!) the hardest bit was removing seized/rusted inner wishbone metalastic bushes from one of the front wishbones.

My recommendation is to buy all new bolts, nuts, washers and pivot pins on the assumption that the old ones will be damaged on removal. That way, if you have to cut/grind or burn, you will have new items to use on re-build.

Thanks for the tip re. mini front shock bushes ;)

Glynn (not Glenn) Williams

The poly kit I bought from MGOC prior to changing over to my own rear suspension design also did not include replacements for the metalastic bushes. New metalastic bushes and new pins are not at all expensive and are available from Moss. I have used them for my custom trailing arms because they are probably the best type of compliant suspension bush available. In my view, rubber/metalastic are the best followed by polybushes followed by plain rubber unless racing, in which case you're better off with nylon bushes. The new pins and bushes are not as snug a fit as they should be so new nylon side washers are also essential. Fit the front (rear suspension) bushes first and tighten until it is just possible to swivel the assembly by hand without massive effort.
Nick Nakorn

Cheers Nick
Glynn (not Glenn) Williams


Moss do a nylatron bush for the front eye on the rear leaf spring, it looks like part number is TMG30967, 4 are required at about 5 each. I have used these.

Ian Webb '73 GAN5

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