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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rear spring front mounting bracket problems.

This weekend is the weekend where I put the rear suspension on my Sprite shell - or so I thought.

Problem 1.
Bought two new front mounting brackets. Part no 3 in the link below.

Also see image attached which shows the plate mounted to the spring.

The blue arrow is where I had to put an extra washer to take up play in the plane of the mounting bolt. This is a metalastic bush with the centre spacer having serrated ends so presumably should be mechanically coupled to the two washers to prevent rotation on the mounting bolt. I presume the bush is meant to work as a metalastic bush should where rotational movement in the bush is taken up by deformation of the rubber in shear?

Without the extra washer washer there was no way I could apply sufficient torque to take up the play. With the extra washer I can apply sufficient torque to mechanically couple to the centre spacer of the bush and still ensure that the nylon washers still rotate.

Problem 2
I had to relieve the metal shown by the yellow and red arrows in order to allow the bracket to rotate without binding on the spring. The binding was in a place where the suspension would normally sit at rest. I believe this would have resulted in a clicking/tapping noise being transmitted to the rear bulkhead.

Having sorted that out I encountered problem 3.
On offering up the plate to the bottom of the car it wouldn't go into the spring box. Measuring the distance from the end of the mounting bolt to the end of the captive nut revealed it was at least 5mm wider than the spring box.


This means I am going to have to cut the captive nut to remove about 5mm of its length AND maybe grind down the head of the mounting bolt to get some extra clearance.

Any comments would be helpful.


MG Moneypit

Send back and find one that is made correctly
Dominic Clancy

I bought new brackets when building my Sprite 20 years ago. I had to grind down the captive nut before I could fit it into the spring box.
Dave O'Neill 2

Drink 2 large whiskeys and call me in the morning

Wrong hardware by chance... my long back ago memory is there is a long bolt with a large washer welded to its head and there was a little 90 lip on that large washer that fit into a small hole on that frame it rides on and that bolt goes all the way thur thw box and the wish bone leg and back out and gets a nyloc nut

Thats how i remember it ...

Can you pry the box open a bit for the part to fit or scrape off any extra layers of paint... i seam to recall that aera being a bit close and tight


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Time and time again, good secondhand parts win over new repro stuff.
David Smith

Indeed, and I recently sold a pair ;o)
Dave O'Neill 2

Dominic, wish I could. I've trawled all the usual suppliers and they all look identical so I suspect they are all made by the same company.

I couldn't find them in the boxes of bits I got with the car so have no choice but to buy new.

There are some on eBay but I've modified the ones I have so am stuck with them.

Anyone ever commented on the MOSS website and actually seen their comments displayed? I haven't. I commented on their diff gasket saying it was 1mm too small on the diameter and ripped when I tried to force it into place. Never saw that comment appear. In fact I have never seen ANY comments either way.

Now I'm onto
Problem 4
One of the metalastic bushes in one of the NOS rear springs I bought 2 or so years ago is distorted. So now I need to press the old one out and press a new one in.

I was supposed to have the rear suspension all fitted this weekend. Fat chance!

MG Moneypit

Rob. I made an official complaint about the rubbish quality of their brand new front shock absorbers to the Moss Customer service department about 18 monthe ago and asked them for their comments. I'm still waiting for a reply!

The eye bushes at the front of the rear springs are not too bad to do. I did mine earlier this year on the car. Just used a couple of sockets and a bolt and nut. But if the springs are off the car you could use the vice.

b higginson


On the usa moss site they have comments ... the most resent posted is probably around 2003 ??, 2004 ??

So yes there are positive comments on the moss least in thw usa

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