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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rear Susp Drop Links

My midget was handling a bit funny with associated clunks from the back end and without taking a look I diagnosed a worn metalastic bush at the front end of the spring.Finally got around to getting it over a pit,I have a friend with a pit....deep joy, and took a closer look.Imagine my surprise when I was wrong,again, as the droplink was no longer attached to the lever arm. The upper bolt had pulled through leaving just the bolt and rubber bush plus nut and hanging from the lever arm.Has anyone else experienced this before? I have used the car for autotesting and classic rallying but cannot quite see how it would get a lateral force sufficient to seperate the unit.We made good by taking it all apart and slipping a washer over the bolt to prevent it pulling through again.....not and easy task. I intend getting two new drop links and found that the price varies from around 12 per unit to 20.Does anyone know of a good or bad source...I usually use Morse, MGOC, Beehive or Sussex CCP.
At least I now know how effective a lever arm is in damping the rear suspension, on the way to inspect I was floating like a butterfly.
John S
J Sloan

Ive heard of that but it's rare... I think what happens is the (torsion bar???) gets loose on the front with the 2 bushings holding it to the frame and that creates a little wiggle play and then that is transferred to the drop links where the rubber in the links gets broke down and Walla... you start singing free bird by Leonard Skinner at that point

1 Paper

Sooooo....I have answered my own question and will let you know what I have found out as it may assist other who tread this path in the future.
Prop, it was a problem with a rear suspension drop link rather than a front one.
In the end I bought two new drop links for 20 odd quid but as ever they are not quite the same as the old ones.
I will try to upload pics but it is never an easy process and I cannot do it with a tablet.
The new drop links cannot be tightened up to sit flush with the Armstrong lever arm as they have a small shoulder cut into the metal at the end of the taper which keeps it 2 or 3 mm away. The old ones did not have the shoulder so can be tightened up flush. This means there will be a bigger moment of force acting on the top rubber bush inside the drop link which I think will lead to them wearing out quicker.
Do not attempt to overtighten as you will strip the threads.
I have fitted then and will see how long they last as I don't think it was worthwhile sending them back for the sake of £20.
Ideally I would prefer the old style but it is hard to tell from pics on the interweb so ask your supplier before purchase.
Having refitted everything the car still sits an inch lower on the passenger side so it will be new springs next.
Apologies if I don't manage to upload any pics.

J Sloan

Drop link in situ.
Is there away to upload two pics or do you have to start a separate comment each time?

J Sloan

Only one pic at a time.

From my experience, there has always been a small gap between the damper arm and the bush housing, although that does look a bit larger than normal.
Dave O'Neill 2

Surely there must be a gap to avoid metal to metal contact between the damper arm and the drop link outer bush. This can only be achieved by having the right taper on the drop link, or by having the additional shoulder. Or both.

This one seems to have more of a taper although it may be the angle of the image.

Jeremy MkIII

you could start another thread about your inch drop on one side with full details before replacing the springs to see if it might be caused by something else or as well.
Nigel Atkins

Jeremy the quarter elliptic droplinks are different.
David Smith

As it's relevant and I think non-contentious, I thought I would copy in the folowing message from "He who shall not be named"

<<<The thread in technical --- “Susp Drop Links”, reminded me that I needed to replace one of mine.

I looked on Ebay yesterday and found a genuine NOS Armstrong/BL item for ₤12 plus 4 quid postage.

Irrespective of the issue about the taper/shoulder, I’m happy to have avoided the potential for bad rubber in the bushes that gets talked about.

Ordered it yesterday, it arrived today. Amazing.

So thank J Sloan, of Cumbria, for his timely reminder.>>> 


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