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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - rear suspension ??? HELP

hey, whilst all my other 17 year old mates are out doinng what normal 17 year olds are restoring my mg midget. fair game ?

right...... i need to sort out my rear leaf suspension. the 2 forward mouting brackets need to come off and it it looks to me like i may need to replate them or even get new hangers. can someone explain to me how they are put together so i can understand where they bolt onto.

on the cockpit floor behind the seats i can see the 2 bolts on each bracket. what is actually bolted to what ?

apologies for not being too specific, im a geordie haha

cheerz lads, joe
jc collins

The front spring hanger plate is attached by four bolts - two behind the seat, which screw into captive nuts on the spring hanger plate and two which go upwards through the plate into threaded blocks which are welded on top of the floor panel.

It's not uncommon for the bolts/screws to have seized and sometimes they snap off. That isn't too much of a problem for the front pair as the captive nut can be cut/ground off and a new one welded on...although it doesn't necessarily need to be welded. The ones which go upwards into the threaded blocks can be a bit more problematic, although they can be drilled out and re-tapped, or they can also be drilled out and a nut used on the top, certainly for the innermost one, as it is accessible through the hole in the floorpan.

If the floor is rotten in this area, it obviously is less of an issue, as a new floorpan or repair panel can be welded in with new threaded blocks or captive nuts.

Dave O'Neill 2

Hi Joe,

Those spring mounting plates are quite thick steel and are unlikely to need repair. If they do need replacing, new ones are available are are not expensive. The more common problem is that the floor and rear box section where they bolt on can rust badly and that becomes a fairly complex welding job to do a proper repair.

But to answer your actual question: The two bolts behind the seat go down through the floor and the spring mount and are secured underneath the car by either ordinary nuts, or captive nuts welded to the underside of the plate. There are then two more bolts from underneath the plate which screw up into captive nuts welded inside the box section across the rear of the floor.

If you look at the exploded drawings on the Moss web site it should become clear.
Better still, send off for one of their parts catalogues, if only to see the list of components and drawings.


Joe - mail me I have some bits you might be interested in!

news56 at hotmail dot com

Mick struggling with the wiring

"I have some bits you might be interested in!"

Mick, your not selling your K-project midget are you? :)

Joe, I know what you mean with your lads, I was 20 when I bought mine.
Not knowing anything of a midget I was advised to buy a Haynes manual/workshop book.
I can realy recommend you to buy one too, its all in there step by step with pictures how to unbolt and rebolt stuf from the midget/sprite.

Arie de Best

Parts diagrams or Parts Catalogues are also very useful (altho' a very, very few diagrams are not 100% accurate)

Also to cover things not in Hanyes, Workshop manuals and parts catalogues an owners/drivers Handbook at 8 is a must as it covers bits missed in the others
Nigel Atkins

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