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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rebuilt 1098 continuous running problem.

Well, finally got the car to start. However it will only run for a few seconds with lots of throttle blipping. I am a bit nervous about revving the rebuilt engine constantly to keep it running. I have fitted Accuspark electronic ignition so I can't set static timing accurately according to manufacturers instructions, they say get the car running then turn distributor until car runs smoothly befrore setting with strobe light. Should I just try and keep it going and play with the distributor position or are there maybe fuel supply issues. I have applied the basic carb settings and fitted an electronic fuel pump from Leacy classics. I have good oil pressure 60psi once running. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance Andy.
A Potter

Setting the distributor static timing for an electronic version is exactly the same as any other.

Simply set the engine at the desired static timing (7 degrees BTDC would be a good pre setting) remove no 1 spark plug and place against the block, ensure dissy is clockwise of the number 1 cylinder. Now gently turn the dissy anti clockwise until the plug sparks at which point it is spot on. Very very easy. :)

However not sure if your problem isn't fuel related, is your choke working? new engines require loads of choke...
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Quite a neat way of detecting exactly when the spark occurs (as in Bob's instructions) is to turn the volume up on the car radio and tune it off station. Then, as you rotate the dizzy you will hear a click from the radio precisely as the spark jumps.

Thanks Bob, I'll try that in the morning,I quite like Guys' suggesttion but don't have a radio, shame as that sounds like a good thing to do with 'Steve Wrights Sunday morning Love Songs', tune off station :-).On a more serious note you may be onto something with the choke I have tried starting with the choke but not running as the cable is not yet connected, another job for the morning. Thanks.
A Potter

This thread was discussed on 31/03/2012

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