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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rebuilt distributors in the UK

I have a distributor from an old Toyota FLT which I would like to get rebuilt and then fit with elecronic points. Does anyone know anywhere in the UK I can get this done?

No performance mods, just a good rebuild.


Hi Tarquin

This firm seems to be gaining ground, we have dynoed one or three cars with their dizzies and they have been fine, one had an iffy for the spec advance curve but they sorted it by return of post and it then worked fine.

I don't think Aldon could help or Distribtor Doctor as they tend to specialise in Lucas and Bosch.

P Burgess

Thanks Peter, I will give them a ring.

Will see you soon in the midget with megajolt! paintwork now nearly done, it's hard to know when to stop.

Hi Matt
Make sure you are up to running speed using your laptop to tweak the megajolt.

Will get out best wingcovers for your visit :)

P Burgess

Peter, beside the wingcovers please do not smoke too(his wings/bonnet are fibeglass you know) ;)

"it's hard to know when to stop."

Matt, when you see a different collor apear youre to late with stopping... :)
Go on get it rolling so I can testdrive it when I come over at christmas!!!
Arie de Best

Oi dutchman! watch it!

It's so shiny I can't help looking at it sometimes.

Have you tried distributor doctor ?He may only do Lucas stuff but worth a try
S Langston

Matt are you going to tell us before you go so that some of us can come along?

Peter's place is only an hour up the 38 from me and I would love to see the business with your Megajolt 'cos I have one to set up soon.

nudge nudge
Bill 1

Ho Bill

Yes of course, good idea. I best make sure it don't break down then!

Peter beat me to it...

H&H or Martin the Distributor Doctor.. :-)

M T Boldry

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