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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Replacing clutch hydraulic line, 1275

I thought I'd be posting about the success or failure of my efforts to solve the jumping out of third gear problem I created two winters ago. But I haven't been able to drive yet this spring.

Problems with the clutch disengaging completely, so I bought the kit from Moss with master, slave and hose. Disconnecting the metal pipe from the hose, the pipe broke. I've read an awful lot in the archives, a great deal of it from many years ago.

Is there a clear path to replace the hydraulic line? It'll need to be easy for me to do it, and I'm in Massachusetts. I did replace all the brake lines 15 years ago with the kit from Moss (Automec?), and I don't remember having any trouble doing it. I'd like to replace both fittings as well, but I do still have them from both ends. The one at the master end that goes into the adaptor is pretty rounded off, but I guess if I had to I could re-use them both.

I don't have a pipe bender or a flaring tool. I have patience. I'd like the car to look original, but would have no problem if there's a modern alternative that makes the job easy.

Thanks for any advice.
Mark 1275

A lot of auto parts stores will loan out tools, why not borrow a double flaring tool and tubing bender and do it yourself?
Stan Kowznofski

You can buy the clutch tube ready flared, or buy a piece, cut it to length and take it to a shop to get the ends flared. Remember to put the tube nuts on first though!
The pipe bends very easily with your fingers. You don't need a pipe bender unless you are doing any tight radius bends. Other than that it's just a matter of following the positioning of the old pipe.

Bleeding the system can be easy or beset with problems. It just seems the luck of the draw. There is lots of on- line advice about how to get it bled properly without any fuss though.


As others have said, you can buy these ready made up and bend them carefully using hands and broom handles, using the old one as a guide.

Also try emailing Automec, see:

M Wood

Thank you for the responses.

Thought I posted this 4 hours ago, but I didn't hit Submit:

Might have answered my own question. Just got off the phone with Moss, and they do sell the pipe with the fittings, pn 180-606. Just didn't see it on my own, but it looks like what I need.

I assume it's workable by hand and if I work slowly I'll get it in place.
Mark 1275

Mike it is workable by hand, but just be aware that copper pipe will work harden. So the more often you bend it the stiffer it will get. Try and get the bends just as you want them at the first attempt. The pipe will stand alterations but the fewer the better.

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