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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Replacing windscreen glass

Has anyone done the job before or is it just best to replace the frame aswell as the glass. (windscreen from midget mk2 onwards and sprite mk3 onwards).
D Sartain

I started this job but decided to give up before I broke a new screen. There is bloke somewhere near Curborough that does a very good job at a reasonable price.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

I did mine, no problems. Used mini ratchet straps to apply a steady even pressure. Just takes time and a bit of patience!

Nice to have a new chip free windscreen for 35!

I've done mine a few times...1992...2009 then again this year following a mighty stone chip/crack.

Take the time to clean everything. tap the threads on the corner brackets to make sure they're perfect and replace all the screws.

I also used ratchet straps to just slowly bring everything together. Fairy Liquid + water to lubricate screen and rubber. Every now and then I had to release the pressure and ease the rubber into the corners properly. But was a fun evening on the kitchen table (wife was out ;-) )
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

If you want to get it done for you I'd suggest Robert at Old School Windscreens, Longcross near Chertsey.

Lovely bloke, did a great job on mine where others had failed.
P R Clark

I've done it. It is a bit nerve wracking as you have to use rope tournaquets or ratchet straps to squeeze it tight enough to get the screws in. Even then I had to biff the centre top of the frame with a wooden mallet to get it to the right dimension. You MUST have good screw threads in the frame and new screws.
Mike Howlett

Definitely doable, but not the easiest job in the world.

Unless you're particularly attached to your original frame, it's a lot easier to buy a good used one...and there are lots around.
Dave O'Neill2

The reason I took the trouble to do mine wasn't because I was particularly fond of the frame. But I had a desire for a new, sparkle-free piece of glass to look through that didn't scatter oncoming headlights in all directions! And for 35 for the glass plus another tenner or two for new seals and screws, it seemed like the best way.

It is a bit scary putting so much pressure on a piece of glass, but with the ratchet straps you can do it progressively, build up some tension, leave it alone for 20 minutes and the glass, rubber seals and frame just gradually ease themselves together. Then you go and ratchet up a few more notches on the straps and have another cup of coffee.

Good point Guy.

The reason I replaced mine was that my race Midget had a cracked screen and you have to use laminated glass for racing. Most of the secondhand units on the market are toughened.

35 seems remarkably cheap. I'm sure I paid 50 twenty years ago.
Dave O'Neill2

You are right Dave, 35 was cheap. It was from Moss in one of their discounted sales and the price was what persuaded me to have a go.

There was a catch though - it came in a huge plywood transit case which had another 40 "refundable" deposit on it. The problem was none of the couriers would collect this from a private address as it was over their size limits. I remember one quoted me a special price of 295 just to collect the empty case! I reinforced the top, took the front off and it is now semi-permanently installed as an additional side bench and storage unit in my garage!

Guy, you guys are so lucky over there. You may recall I did my screen seals. I wanted to put a new screen in as mine was the orginal shatter screen and had a couple of wiper scratches in it. Well the best price I could get to supply glass only was $459 that's about 300!!! Too much for me, so one more original part left on the car.
Greg H

I'm lucky in that I go past Cambridge on the A14 occasionally for work so can pop into the MGOC and pick the glass up in person. (about the only thing I do buy there).
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

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