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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Retrofit steering column ignition switch

I've a '70 car that I'm upgrading and having just removed the ignition switch from the dash to make way for a 3rd dial I need to find a place for it. I'd also like a steering lock so the logical choice is to fit a steering column & lock assembly from a later car.

Are the splines on the steering rack the same between the earlier and later racks and can the columns be interchanged? If not, has anyone fitted a steering lock to an early column?

Jed Southwood

The splines at the rack end are the same.

The splines at the wheel end did change, but it was about '68/69, so you *should* be OK.
Dave O'Neill2

That's good news about the rack spline - thanks.
Jed Southwood

Steering lock is a pain (they always lock when you just want to roll it around in the garage, or you lose the key and don't have a spare with you)
ignition barel on the column is a pain (bashing you knee on it getting in or out...)
The break bolts in the later column are a pain because they wear and you then can move your wheel back and fwd (F*ing scarry if it happens the first time)

So just find an other place for your gauge because you will regret going for a later column with ignition barel
Onno K

Thanks for your comment Onno, must admit that I'd not thought about banging my knee on the ignition lock. I just assumed that it wouldn't be in the way but maybe I should wear the old skate board knee pads. I'd love to be able to lock the steering (will be leaving the car unattended a lot when it is completed) so do others find the lock in the way?

I'm 1.83M in height ( close to 6'2" in old money) but built like a racing snake so hoping that I'll fit in ok. I've never driven the car and it was nearly 3 years ago that I sat in the newly acquired midget (never drink wine and browse ebay...) and had this crazy notion of fitting a 4A-GE engine into it. Maybe next year I'll get to drive it, steering lock or not.

Jed Southwood

I've never had a problem with the steering lock in any of my Midgets. I'm also 6'2"
Dave O'Neill2

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