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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rivergate clutch issues

I have had a problem with a sticky clutch on my Rivergate conversion. The last time the engine and transmission were out, the pilot bushing appeared to be flared out on the transmission end. Shifting was difficult with incomplete clutch disengagement, causing crunchy gear shifting and stripping.

I replaced the clutch, it was fine for about 1,000 miles and then it became almost inoperable. I adjusted the pushrod way down and it will shift if the pedal is completely to the floor. I replaced the master cylinder to no avail.

When the car is in neutral or running in gear (any gear) there is a chaffing sound that comes from the transmission. It is silent when the clutch pedal is pushed in and the clutch is disengaged.

I believe that the aluminum adapter plate may not be drilled such that engine and transmission are perfectly aligned. I can't think of anything else as the clutch has either been noisy or sticky since the Datsun box was adapted. Anyone else with this problem?
Glenn Mallory

I've had a similar problem with my Toyota gearbox conversion. I believed that it was due to the pilot bushing being too long and being pushed hard against the splines on the input shaft. I hope that was the problem, as I had a shorter bushing made, and have put the car back together, so far so good after ~500km... It is still taking up quite low to the floor. I hope it's not an issue with the bellhousing (made by Dellows here in Aus) being misaligned, but I have to say it wouldn't surprise me as I have had no end of problems with everything else in the kit from this fine company! I'll certainly be interested to hear others thoughts on your problem.
Andrew F

This thread was discussed on 18/05/2012

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