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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Road/hillclimb engine spec?


Any hints and tips please and spec for a not too crazy or expensive engine build for a 1275cc Sprite that could be used on road and occasional sprint/hillclimb?

I am thinking 1293cc engine (1275cc +20) as an old school mod with readily available and affordable pistons and other components, rather than offset bores 1380cc which would suit the class better. Slightly modded head, plus LCB Maniflow manifold, RC40 exhaust or Maniflow on twin SUs (HS2 or HS4). Could I get away with a standard rather than straight cut gearbox, if so what clutch?

What camshaft?

If so, anyone know of a suitable donor engine and gearbox?


PS this is all as I am about to get my 948cc MkII Sprite back on the road after 6 years - got to think of future mods!
M Wood

Here's my basic spec:

1310cc - +0.040
Std block and crank/rods (with ARP rod bolts)
Standard type but HC pistons
10.7:1 CR
37x29 decent head
Kent 286 cam
1.5:1 rockers
Maniflow LCB
HIF44 on MG manifold
Aldon Dizzy with Ignitor (currently knackered!)
3 breathers (needed!)

By no means top spec but it gives good power and torque and it's reasonable on the road. Probably a bit wild for daily driving in town but ok for a run out.

It's lasted 12 years hillclimbing in that spec but is now starting to show its limitations for racing.

Clutch is standard and has lasted 12 years of full bore standing starts but it is mated to a Ford box. I know plenty of people that use the standard midget box though, just more chance of it breaking! Most important thing is competition halfshafts.

You really need to know what class you want to run in before you start though.
John Payne

This thread was discussed on 10/06/2018

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