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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Roll Bar height

Hi - visiting from the K pages...

I've got a roll bar to fit to the midget but it seems too tall and sits too far back.

I've read that this might not be that unusual - it's 73.5 cm from forward edge of the rear deck just above the rear of the TT to the top of the cross bar, and 73 cm back from the rear of the screen frame just above the rear view mirror.

Hood frame fouls going up, and the hood sticks out just above the rear stay and prevents the hood closing by an inch or so.

On others that actually fit, where does the cross bar sit when the hood is closed - I might cut it about a bit and re-weld the feet (with dirty great lovely welds, don't worry)

Cheers for the help
L McInally

And another pic
L McInally

Hi Lloyd - that doesn't look right to me... I wonder if you've got it sitting in the right place?

Following are some photos of my bar which is an old 'alleybars' item, looks as though yours may be the same although it appears that the back stay bracket is different on yours.

The main upright should be more or less vertical, and only just behind your head - in fact some of the taller drivers don't use the bar because it's too close to the back of their head and in danger of giving them a nasty whack should they be rear-ended. Being a short a**e it's not a problem for me.

Anyway, first up, here's the bar with the hood up so you can see how it sits...driver's headrest is up about 3", passenger's is right down.

Oops..try again


Here's the bottom stag - on the front of the wheel arch where it meets the cross member (car really needs a sweeping out - looks messy :-) ...


and the back stay just above the seatbelt hardpoint, bolted through the wheelarch...


of course, your bar may be a different design, in which case those pictures won't be anywhere near as helpful as I'd hoped...but I hope they're of some use to you anyway -

let us know how you get on?

All the best


Thanks mate - mine mounts in exactly the same place on the front. I welded reinforcing plates an captive nuts in when I restored the car. At the rear it sits on top of the chassis rails (means I'll have to move the inertia reels so I'll probably weld plates onto the rear stays for them).

It's defo made for a Midget, but maybe an old motorsport one that wasn't meant to fit with a hood. I'll probably cut the mounts off and shorten it a bit.

Have you got a pic of where the top rail sits when the hood is up - that would be really useful so I can work out how much to shorten it by.

L McInally

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