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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - roller painting

The boot and bonnet of my '71 Sprite need repainting as they are covered in microblisters from (I presume) cold damp storage a couple of winters ago. I'm more than happy to do the work myself but my location probably precludes the use of spray equipment unless I set up a sealed area in my garage and use proper filtered extraction equipment (I'm in a built up area so neighbours wouldn't think kindly of paint fumes/dust). I've read some good reports of people using products like Rustoleum to roller paint thier cars. Has anyone tried this?
Steve Church

If your car is rough where just driving thur a muddy pot hole makes a nicer impression,,, then the roller is good, you might try it if its on the underside and cant be seen. if the car is white it will look much better then if the car is blood red or black

what Id recommend ... and may appear to be abit expensive is go to a pro auto paint store and have them make up an aresol spray can ... Its around $20 a can but having done this my self it is an exact match and goes on great and easy and you dont have to drag out all the spray equppiment, and mix it, and the air compressors, and all the other fun time consuming stuff that goes with spraying

plus you can avoid the mess, and not alot of over spray nor alot of fumes...I find keeping a can around is a great and easy way to do touch up, and they can do any color

if you want to do it by hand use a brush
if used properly the result will be much smoother.
the car paints are so diffrent from compound to the normal ones that a rolere leaves slight bubeling.

if the result is not good enough then you flatten the paint with some verry fine wet&dry (1500) and then polish it up to a shine
Onno Könemann

Another Idea.....If you have original paint...try Tower Piants (Website)
They will make up any paint code and put it into a "rattle can" can for you.

Steven Conant
website wasn't working...not sure what is going on there?

I may give a go at the Rustoleum approach as well.....Thank goodness the midget is small!!!

Steven Conant

I roller painted my daily driver passat

Every panel was previously a different colour, and almost every panel needed welding, however, even being driven around as hard as possible it still returns over 70mpg

So she is staying, but i wanted it all one colour.

Out with the roller and the tin of grey primer


70 mpg!!??? That's a VW Passat, right? And a station wagon on top of that. Are you sure?
JM Morris

70mpg!! Easily possible maybe even more on the Emerald isle (depends on Guinness level 80, 90, 100mpg even)
R Fowler

Is that Passat a Diesel? (And keep in mind that British gallons are bigger than ours.)

Gryf Ketcherside

Could be 70mph? Guiness does strange things to ones memory.
Brad (Sprite IV 1380)

Oh come on guys

gas milage numbers are like rolling road dyno readings...NO one has ever in the history of this BBS exaggerated those numbers, And I seriously doulbt Peter would do the same (intentionally) I correct? lol.

Prop...Im not gulible, just blond

I regularly get 55mpg and more from a 1.9ltr Audi A6 so I can believe it if its the 1.6 TDI, maybe the paint finish is acting like the surface on a Shark!!

Good car, I had a 1.8GT

C Bintcliffe


I have had a few 1.9 TDi engined motors. One being a 150hp (chipped, injectors and pump timing messed with) and she was about 30-40mpg.

The passat variant above has managed 100mpg (UK gallons) on a long long run, but that was only once. A tank of 70 litres would normally last 1000 miles. Hence i dont want to sell it. Its like driving your favourite sofa ;)

If you haven't found it yet, this VW Wiki site tells you just about everything you could want to know about roller painting.

Guy Weller

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