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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rolling Road Tuning

Does anyone have any recommendations for where to take my 1500 midget for a Rolling Road tune?

I live in Bristol, so this side of the Midlands would be best!
M Davies

You wont find a better shop and man then peter burguss... im not sure how far away, but even 1000 miles would be considard a short drive

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

It's a lot quicker driving back!!!!!!!!!!

Rob aka MG Moneypit

Is that recommendation based on a vaste experience of British tuners and rolling roads?
Alan Anstead

I've only used Aldon Automotive in Brierley Hill and Peter Burgess in Alfreton.

Aldon spent a good 15 minutes convincing me that waiting for my car was a waste of time and I should go for a walk around Merry Hell, so I did, got back to find that they had 'discovered a cylinder with low compression' and has I wasn't around, they couldn't run the car !!!

Peter, however was fantastic, let me stand in his shop, explained what he was doing and why, the car while fairly standard,it was still so much better afterwards - he sends you on a run around the block after setting your car to make sure you are happy.

Attached is a piccie of my Sprite at Peter's, next week I and a mate are taking two Rover V8's up to Peter's road for power curves.


Malc Gilliver

Slark at Amesbury (your side of Salisbury) are excellent - I had my 1275 set up by them. They're vastly experienced in the A-Series - but I'm guessing the 1500 shouldn't be too much of a mystery to them!

(You make me laugh, AA! :-)
Steve Clark

I came from Amsterdam to see Peter and his crew. I ll do that again sooner or later. And yes I do have experience with 3 tuners here in Holland...


Flip Brühl

If you go to Peter [Burgess] don't forget to stop at Greggs on your way for doughnuts...for coffee after Peter has done magic things under the bonnet
David Cox

Another vote for Slark who did mine as well, Worth the journey from South London!
Bob Beaumont

Thank you everyone. Much appreciated. Based on the consensus of opinion I think I'll now be heading for Peter Burgess...

Make sure you tell him we said nice things here...not about his hair of course...haha

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I have had contact with Peter Burgess for supply of heads and rolling road sessions - would very highly recommend him!

Richard Wale

Thanks again. Booked in with Peter, and looking forward to it already. Michael

Are you going to NEC this w/e.for PC resto Show?
Alan Anstead

Hi Alan,

Sorry no we are not.

Richard Wale

Maybe see you in Sept.
Alan Anstead

Theres only 1 Peter Burgess.

Its well worth travelling from Bristol to benefit from Peters skills.

The finest tuner in the UK
K Egar

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