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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rubber Fuel hose

I am going to replace all the rubber fuel hoses on my 1979 1500 midget can someone please tell what size hose I need. Can't seem to find out anywhere. Thanks
n Allen

5/16" ID.

Have fun,

Gryf Ketcherside

Are you sure? Mine are 1/4" ID - and I've just changed mine too - cheap fuel hose on ebay from a seller called MrSilcon

C L Carter

In fact the stuff the MGOC sent me was 6mm
C L Carter

The carb stuff will prefer 1/4 ID and stuff like tank>pipe and pipe>pump will prefer 5/16. You can crush/stretch either for all roles though.

My own 1500 has 5/16 from tank to under body pipe, 5/16 across the top of the gearbox to the pump, 5/16 from pump to inline filter and 1/4 inch from filter to carb 3-way and between carbs.

Make sure the hose is made for fuel... Esp for ethonial based fuel. I found this year that ethonial stuff will eat hose like a child eating trick or treat candy

Not all rubber hose is fuel hose


Note what prop said... twill perish quickly otherwise.

Some people like "steel braided" stuff - but I think its pointless cos you can't see if its perished inside.. but it looks nice...

Proper fuel pipe has "fuel pipe" printed on the side... like this stuff..

C L Carter

RoadWarrior -

Interesting... My 1500 has a hard line connected directly to the tank. Maybe it depends on the year of the car.

Gryf Ketcherside

I want to rerun part of my fueline (on frogeye). How can I tell if the hose will withstand ethanol please?
Graham M V

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