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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Securon seat belt brackets for 1966 sprite

Hello all, have been talking with a chap from the technical dept from Securon, and he said that the seat belts for the midget/sprite are just universal seat belts that come with a plastic bad with some brackets. The ones that will come are 3:
the one at the top right, the one at the top middle and the one at the top left.

All of these brackets only have 2 holes, one for the seat belt, and one to attach to the wheelarch.

On my car,, I have 2 screws at the top of the wheelarch ( I know these 2 nuts are original and at the original position because I have the owners manual that show a drawing with the same 2 bolts. Actually, the original kangol seatbelts I have, have a mounting bracket as seen with 2 holes and one kind of large hole for the seat webbing to pass.

If I use the brackets that come along with the securon, I will have to use only one bolt, either the front one or the rear one. Will that have the correct strength?? On this link,( someone sais that it is important to use the 2 bolts, not only 1.

I would like to see photos of spridgets mk2/mk3 from 64-66 that should have the same case as me as see how they have solved the problem.

Will I need to make a new bracket with 3 holes, 2 for the wheelarch and 2 for the seatbelt, so the system is rigid??

Best regards
Paco Moreno de Barreda

I've only seen photos of your two nut fittings on the wheelarches but they look a lot smaller than the fittings you'll get for the seat belts which are (I think so I may be wrong so cherck) for 1/2" UNF bolts (or metric equivalent?)

so you will have make up or adapt a bracket fitting and I'd seriously doubt that using just one of your existing wheelarch fittings would be strong enough

Nigel Atkins

paco. i have a 65 which is seat belt exempt and enquired about belts also. the belts you need with the correct fitting is in attatched photo bottom left. i got quoted for nickel 90 +vat chrome 150 + vat EACH +delivery. i think cars before 67 did not have to have them fitted, im sure i have seen that on the internet somewhere.

regards bob.


Paco I had the same problem with my '66 car

I used seat belts from the back of a Metro which came with a partial mounting plate which I added to a thick steel plate bracket I made up using the two bolts atop the wheel arch and the two you see on the side of the bracket

It has passed the UK MOT with these brackets every year

If you use a bracket from the plastic bag and add that to a suitably fixed plate you should be OK

I think mine is stronger than the original BMC method and it allows the inertia reels to work safely and securely


here's a picture showing the top fittings in place

Hope it helps you get them fitted without having to get expensive alternatives


If you use static belts the cheap fix is a bit of angle iron with two holes drilled for the wheelarch and one for the belt fixing. Thats what my '65 had (and still has) when I bought it. Can post a picture if you want but too late to go out to the garage right now.

T Mason

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