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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Securon seat belts

I'm attempting to fit Securon belts to the midget and there's several things I don't understand, well..a million if I'm honest.
I've been trying to find a picture of the installed belts, in particular showing how the reel is mounted. The instructions say that the Z bracket should be used but don't show it. I also find that when the bolt is screwed in to the mounting on the wheel arch it binds on the bottom of the screw hole before it becomes tight even with the supplied spacer in place.

It also seems to me that the adjustment of the two arrows is extremely critical to get the belt to run freely out of the reel.

All advice welcomed. Roger
Roger D

Summats not quite right, belt fittings, car fittings, you or a combination or permataion of any or all three.

Are you able to put up a photo of what you have as the belt fixing type and location vaies with different moderns and not all cars are 100% concours original. I can't take a photo as my Midget isn't with me at the moment.

Are your fixings at the side or top of wheel arch?

How you tried the bolt just in the threads without belt or fixings?

The Securons are multiangle so should cover most fittings if aligned correctly, perhaps they're just tight as new, or different angle(s) of fitment required.

You can get brackets to sit the reels on top of the wheel which is a better location any way.

I didn't understand how Guy has them fitted to avoid the frame but it sounded a good idea.
Nigel Atkins


I fitted Securon belts fairly recently to my rebuilt Frogeye, with advice from the forum. I didn't need to use the Z brackets but maybe the hood mechanism is in the way on yours? It could be that the boss threads need cleaning out with a tap if you have one - I needed to clean up the threads to an extent in all 3 anchoring points on both sides.

The arrow adjustment does matter, I found, to get smooth operation.
Bill Bretherton

Echo what Bill said, especially the thread cleaning.
Being a MkIII you may find the hood does interfere with their operation when it's folded down so has to be done with that in mind.
I've used the plastic seat belt guides (from MGOC IIRC) to help keep them straight.
Jeremy MkIII

Here is a couple of pics of my installation- I donít have the guides that Jeremy notes so sometimes they drop off the seat when not in use but work fine when seated.
The second is a view from above on the other side - as you can see mine are side mounted - itís a Heritage shell but was the same on the original í72 RWA.

No I canít sort the pic orientation on my phone !


richard b

Since my first post I have got the reel fixed although I'm not sure if it's correct. After running the bolt in and out a couple of times it seated properly

In fact the adjustment of the arrows was easier than I expected and in the position shown the belt runs out and in smoothly.

The second image is looking directly down from above and the stand off caused by the Z bracket can be seen.

Does this look right? If it is, it's not so difficult as I thought.

Roger D

That orientation looks similar to mine Roger, which is also a Heritage RWA shell.
Jeremy MkIII

I have erected the hood and I find that the Z bracket is quite unneccessary the frame easily clears the reel so removing the Z bracket gives a slightly tidier installation.

Next job fitting the MX5 seats.
Roger D

Roger, I think the Z bracket is only needed for use for those earlier cars that have the anchor point fitted at the top, rather than on the shoulder of the wheel arch as on later cars.

Guy, that explains it. Thanks
Roger D

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