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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Servo fault?

This is NMC but I suppose that you could pretend that it applies to my frog and I know that there are some people here with lots of experience so here goes....

My +2 has a Lockheed servo. I have rebuilt the master cylinder, bled the system, have no leaks, good discs & pads and a firm pedal.

When I gently apply the brakes at low speed, very little happens, then as I increase the pressure on the pedal, the brakes grab and the car stops abruptly. This isn't noticeable in the same way at higher road speeds as the tendency is to press the pedal harder anyway.

When braking from a higher speed and gently easing off the pedal pressure as the car comes to a halt, the brakes seem to behave correctly.

The standard servo test of switching the engine off with the brake pedal depressed results in the brake pedal sinking slightly - I believe this to be the correct sort of behaviour.

Could my symptoms be indicative of a faulty servo or is it more likely to be something else like a sticking caliper? - Any suggestions would be welcome.

SA Wood

Not enough gas peddle is my guess....haha

Just throwing spaghetti agianst the wall, but how old and what condition is the brake hoses is...if they are old plus the added leverage the servo adds, im wondering if the pressure is overly effecting the hoses

Agian... just a guess out of my #2 fun hole

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Only servo fault I ever encountered is sucking out all brake fluid ;)
Coul your servo be wrongly sized?
Onno K

Prop may have it, what if the hoses are expanding until they reach their limit at which point the pressure will peak suddenly??? perhaps. Braided hoses should fix this as well as looking good.
R W Bowers

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