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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Shorten the steering column

I have replaced the solid column in my racing frogeye with a midget collapsible column. To shorten it I have removed the plastic inserts reset the length drilled new holes in the inner column and secured with rivets. I understood this is the standard way of shortening the column. However, every year I get some play in the column and end up removing it (not easy with a hardtop) and repeating the exercise. I think the time has come to have a collapsible column purpose made for the car to the correct length but can't find anyone in the UK who does one off columns. Can anyone assist with a name or alternatively am I going about the shortening exercise wrongly.
Thanks Peter
P B Chappell

One small weld tack should eliminate the play and still be colapsible
Onno K

That's what I did with mine. I shortened it about 3" and a small tack weld. Jobs a good 'un
Dave O'Neill2

This thread was discussed on 04/06/2012

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