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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Skimmed Discs

I have just had a set of discs skimmed; they look great. But the car isn't going to be used for a while and I know that within a few days of fitting the bright steel will gather surface rust.

Is there something that I can treat them with that will lightly protect them, but also rub off the first time they are used without contaminating the pads?

Laquer the bits that the pad wont touch

then when she is on the road, they will remain rust free and your pads will sort out the rest

Thanks Peter,
I had already done the non-contact areas. And I know that once in use any surface rust will very quickly polish off with the pads. Just wondered if there was anything else to use. Considering a light dust coat of primer from a rattle can which I think would then just disappear first time the brakes are touched. Anyone else bothered with this?

Do not paint the contact area. It will transfer to the pads and they will be finished forever.
S Sanders

OK Sandy, I won't then.
But I would be a bit surprised if a thin dusting from a rattle can would be enough to significantly contaminate the pads.

The new discs on the modern Golf came with a coating of what looked like primer, as you say got scrubbed off with the first application of brakes. I too would have thought it would have contaminated the pads but the instructions were specific. Of course it may not have been straight primer...
C Robertson

don't new discs generally come coated in a light film of oil to stop rust and which has to be cleaned off with brake cleaner/a suitable solvent before use?

Why not just spray them with a light coat of WD40 (other brands are available!) then ensure it is cleaned off with an appropriate solvent before use.

M Le Chevalier

Yes they do normally come coated, but these are not new - I just got them skimmed. WD 40 would be fine if I was storing them off the car, but fitted it would be more likely to contaminate the pads than a dry paint.

Given that discs are open to the elements in use, with dust sand salt and everything else being thrown at them, a micron or so of primer is most unlikely to be of any consequence. It not as if I planned to slap on thick coats of hammerite! Anyway, they are on the car now so I will just see how much surface rusting occurs before they get used.


Think of it as motivation to get the car on the road sooner. :)
Trevor Jessie

I wounldnt invest any more time or money.... with in a few miles of driving with the re-surfaced disk... your going to be parking the car and buying new disk

Sorry Ive been there done that... resurfaced disk on the midget just dont do well.

on that 1st drive, make sure there is lots of room between you and the guy in front before you need to stop

It will stop... eventually.

Perhaps coat with WD40 and leave your pads out? Then before you use it again, wipe off the WD40, fits the pads and off you go. However, as Prop says resurfaced Midget discs don't do well, they are so thin to start with.

David JM

I don't believe I ever said they were midget ones!
I wouldn't bother skimming midget discs, at 20 a pair they are far cheaper to buy new.

didnt realise they were on the car, I thought as they had been skimmed they were going to be kept in a box or something. Yeah, hosing everything on the car in WD40 probably isnt a smart idea.

Secret option 3... just do nothing! As whatever you do they will eventualy end up rusty anyway!

M Le Chevalier

Or you could ask er indoors to make up a snuggle bag to fit round the discs, then fill then with silica gel. Or set up a hairdryer to constantly blow onto the discs to keep them nice and warm.

I'm sure someone will be along shortly with some less suitable suggestions.

Hi Tarquin !
Where have you been!
I think the solution is just to put it up on blocks slect first gear and leave it running on tickover. That will keep the discs rotating and polished. Problem is, it would need plumbing directly into the local filling station.

"Hi Tarquin !
Where have you been!"

Guy, you really dont want to know! :)
Arie de Best

Arie, good advice - you sound just like my mam. She was always saying to me "don't touch that, you don't know where its been"

Guy, your mam was right.

"don't touch that, you don't know where its been"

I live by that rule, hence why im still single. LOL!!

Spring is comming, time to get my hands dirty again. ;)
Arie de Best

What would be wrong with using phosphoric acid based rust preventer? Works great on my sheetmetal and I have several brake discs coated with it now.
JM Morris

Ha! I think you may have the answer there. I have some phosphoric acid in a spray bottle; - that would work nicely

I've been plenty of places I really don't wish to think about!

one day we can all read it in your memoires: "Tarquin, the storie behind the legend!" :)
Arie de Best

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