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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - smoking wires!

my midget had been lying up for about four years. i put new battery in but accidentally connected it the wrong polarity!! the dynamo started smoking. i put on new one which i had but it is doing the same. the burning appears to be from the thick wire going into it as it is slightly melted. i've noticed there is 12 volts on the thick wire when not connected to the this normal? have i damaged loom or can i connect new cable from dynamo to wherever its supposed to go??
J Scott


See my post on overcharging and jumping out of first gear. No there should be O volts on the thick wire to the dynamo when its not on or the engine is stopped.the only way there can be 12 volts in the wire when the engine is stopped is because the cut out points in the regulator box are closed.

M J Pearson

wow, that hurts!

you will need to post what year and where the car orginated, lots of differant wiring scematics..

Ive got several guesses, But Im not saying anything, others will be along shortly that Are FAR better in the Know then I.

until then Id make sure thhe batt. is disconnected at all times.


You'll also need some of this...

rob thomas

good to see the genuine Lucas parrt there Rob and not some far-east replica that is bound not to fit...
David Cox

yep its a well known fact that anything electrical needs a mysterious grey smoke to work.once the smoke gets out the componant will never work proply again. its an honest to god fact that is.
roy j

must get some smoke!

July 1970 first registered
J Scott

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