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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Soft Top Velcro Attachment ?

I realized recently that I should be storing my car with the soft top UP not down as I have been for a while now. In the process of putting it back up, I discovered that the Velcro side attachments by the "B" posts needed attention (coming loose). While preparing the body for new "loop" side Velcro, I came across two metal plates to which the old "loop" side Velcro was attached. They don't match each other (right and left) and appear to me to be some invention the PO installed. I don't see any metal plates listed in Moss or VB so I am trying to determine if they are even supposed to be there or not. Should the "loop" side Velcro just get glued to the rubber cockpit molding (Moss # 459-855)?
Any comments or assistance would be greatly appreciated. The grey trapezoid-shaped pieces in the photo are the parts in question. See photo.

Thank you, Matthew

M Moment

Iirc... I got some industial strength sticky backed velcro and used that

Its not a perfect solution, I have to replace it about once a year in the spring because the sticky glue looses adhision over the winter cold... but its only a 5 minute job

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Thanks Prop; any thoughts on those odd trapezoidal metal plates?
M Moment

I just made some out of leather cloth and velcro stitched together with a metal piece inside and scerwed on to cockpit side .think this is what moss sell AHA9054
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

Mine doesn't have any velcro at all. But I agree about storing it with the top up.

I have the habit of just putting the top up up loosely (without doing up any of the fastenings) in the garage, just to keep the neighbours cats from sleeping in the car. Then when I wanted to put the hood up I found it had shrunk and was a pure bastard to fasten. I had to leave it in the sun for two hours until it softened enough to allow me to close the catches. Now anytime I leave the car for more than a few days I put the hood up and fasten it fully.

I don't know the name of those fasteners that push together and pull to release, but my hood has them all round the back to release. I expect they could be retrofitted to relieve you of the tyranny of velcro!


Tenax is the name.

They did fit four on each side to the first of the folding hood frame cars. Later, they replaced the front one with Velcro.
Dave O'Neill 2

My 66 car's velcro has steel strips behind it and was pop-rivetted to the side rail

But they didn't work very well so I have a tenax fitted at the front of the velcro strips instead/as well

Bill sdgpM

Cheers Dave and Bill. Another snippet of free wisdom!

Sounds to me like the Tenax fastener is the way to go. I may add a small bit of Velcro but I'm not sure it will really even be necessary.

Thank you all for your timely responses!

M Moment

I have changed mine back to the earlier Tenax and not fitted velcro to the body (its on the hood but I didn't fancy trying to cut it away).

richard boobier

Matthew, as long as your hood's in good shape and based on my experience the Tenax shoulld do the job without velcro.

On 4th July I drove out to a village about 5 miles from here to pick my mate up. The rain that morning was 'Biblical' and the road was flooded in a lot of places, but no rain got into the car at all. Which surprised me a little TBH.

I'd be tempted to leave the velcro out unless you discover by experience you need it

I skipped the Velcro too and have Tenax at the front too, works brilliant.

I also put the top on in winter when its in the garage to prevent the hood of "shrinking".


Always a pleasure to see your car Arie :-)

Matthew, when sourcing the extra tennax fasteners, you can get an alternative with a longer threaded pin. This will work better close to the B post where the pin will need to go through the chrome finisher cap. Then use a chromed or SS dome headed nut to make for a smart job.
Guy W

And also

When you get the longer threaded Tenax make sure it is the original section Tenax with a deep gripping recess

Some of the recently made (I admit I'm including the mid nineties for this) Tenax posts have a more shallow recess that doesn't grip on the fingers inside the Tenax unit as well as the deeper recess ones

I managed to find a supplier of the right sort at the last mg spares day I attended, it is a very subtle difference and the odd ones are fine under medium loading

But when you have them under higher loading at the front of the hood they can let go

Draughty times ahead
Bill sdgpM

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