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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 'Speedo' Cable Boss Oil Seal


Please can anyone advise on the best proven method of achieving an oil seal between the 'speedo' cable boss and the gearbox casing on my '68' midget.

I have tried the 88G208 copper washer method twice and oil is still leaking out.


J Bond

I would try ptfe tape on the thread. It isn't leaking past the internal drive spindle and into the speedo cable?
Graeme Williams

The oil isn't passing the drive spindle it is seeping out between the copper washer and the gearbox casing but I will try the PTFE method on the boss threads to see if that will solve the problem.

J Bond

Perhaps use plumbing PTFE tape rather than gas PTFE tape as it's thinner(?).
Nigel Atkins

On the spindle within the unit there is a tiny o ring. I was thinking that if this failed oil would run down internally and then leak back around the knurled speedo cable nut, which is all very much in the same area.
Graeme Williams

Graham is almost right, but it isn't an O ring, it is an oil seal with a lip. If it has never been replaced it probably isn't sealing any more. It is held in place by a metal sleeve. just use a suitable tap and thread it into the sleeve, then you can pull it out to get at the seal. Polish the shaft to avoid it scuffing the new seal.
Dominic Clancy

Fingers crossed looks like the PTFE tape & new 88G208 copper washer has cured the leak, photo attached.
Thanks to you all for the advice.

J Bond

Dominic: better eyesight and memory than me!
Graeme Williams

I think this is a new 1st...i havent seen this issue before

6 months from now it will be an epidimic...haha


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