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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Spot / driving light mountings

Hi all,
Mk III midget.

Bought some spotlights on eBay and wonder if there is anything else APART from the very expensive MOSS badge / lamp bar MMA2002 to use as a mounting ?
Cheers colin
colin frowen

Talk to arie,

I want to say he crafted a badge bar for his spot lights, Onno may even have a suggestion or 2 as his 1st one had a spot light bar

Check the local mg clubs ... those are like or not like, and.could be in someones spares box to be sold for a case of brews and a howdy do ya

Personally I think (pure guess)

some ally aluminum stock could be bent and bolted to the inside of the front bumper mounting brakets maybe employ some kind of rubber bushings to absorb vibration

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Hate to say this Prop but the last thing you want is a rubber mounted spotlamp.

The idea is to mount them as rigidly as possible or the vibration and light scatter as a result makes them worse than useless!

There used to be substantial light mounting brackets produced by the factory they're shown in the parts book.
SR Smith 1

I think I would be tempted to make a right-angle bracket to bolt onto the bumper mount on each side.
Dave O'Neill 2

Here's a link to the page showing the old factory spotlamp brackets.
SR Smith 1

I did exactly as per Dave suggestion. Thick steel bar bent into a right angle and mounted on the bumper mountings. Very solid, very effective. Worked a treat since 1992.
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

bloody expensive ugly moss crap!

I just used some angle to mount 2 big lucas 700's the numberplate and a tow eye.
But I don't have a bumper fitted.

get some angle or strip and get creative with bending welding or what ever.

Onno K

Hahaha....well, it was just guess, but I certianly defer to those in the know, rigid it is.

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Same as Onno here - two bloody great angle iron brackets off the bumper posts to carry my Lucas 700's.


Malc Gilliver

"bloody expensive ugly moss crap!"

Onno, that's a straight repro of the page from the factory parts book! lol
SR Smith 1

never said the factory did not make ugly sh#t
Onno K

I once had a pair of spots mounted on a bar between the overriders of the bumper.

Drill a hole on the insides of each overrider, and run a bit of stud/bar between the 2. Worked a treat, until someone backed into me and destroyed them both.

Never put them back, and actually find that headlamps do a decent job anyway, -- unless you want then for fog lamps, and then low slung fogs are worth the effort.
Lawrence Slater

love my "instant daylight" would never be without them.
Doubles the speed at witch I dare to drive at night in unlit area's ;)
Onno K

Hi All,
Thanks for the comments- it never occurred to me to fabricate my own! Talk about "Missing the Bleedin' obvious!" :-)
OK- measuring stick & welder being fired up!
Cheers all
colin frowen

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